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    Three Key Factors That Will Influence Ethereum and Bitcoin in the Upcoming Bull Market - Cryptocurrency is poised to transcend its bubble and achieve widespread adoption, primarily attributed to the emergence of layer-2 blockchains alongside other influential factors.

    Standard Chartered Bank: Ethereum Could Reach $8,000 By 2026 - Ethereum has the potential to hit $8,000 by the end of 2026, Standard Chartered Bank said.

    Ethereum Foundation Sold $2.76M in ETH - 1,700 ETH was just sold by Ethereum Foundation as the network is showing signs of inflation due to the decline in activity.

    3 Reasons Why Ether Cannot Surpass $2,000 Threshold - Despite a significant recovery in 2023, Ether still cannot break the $2,000 threshold.

    Signs Suggest Ethereum Price Could Struggle in Near Future - A crypto whale recently placed $150 million on ETH price but this token could struggle in the near future due to following reasons.

    What Has Ethereum Done One Year After Launching The Merge?

    It has been one year since Ethereum successfully implemented The Merge upgrade, marking a significant milestone for the entire Ethereum ecosystem and the broader crypto industry. Now, as we reflect on this historic day one year later, what accomplishments has Ethereum achieved after The Merge?

    Why Can’t Ether Price Break Through $1,900? Here Are Reasons - Ether has been stuck between $1,800 and $1,900 since July 21.

    Ethereum 8th Anniversary: Achievements and Future Outlook

    Today is the 8th anniversary of the launch of Ethereum's Mainnet, which occurred on July 30, 2015. Let’s look back and predict what the next 8 years will bring for Ethereum.

    Ethereum Community Proposes New Token Standard to Reduce DeFi Attacks - ERC-7265 will enable DeFi protocols to integrate “Circuit Breakers” to prevent DeFi attacks.