Tag: metaverse 2022

    Nike Buys More Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domains for $35K

    Nike’s web3 arm, RTFKT now owns 10 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains after purchasing “dotswoosh.eth” for 19.72 ETH.

    Balenciaga to Accept Payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum

    The French luxury brand is developing a long-term plan in the field of metaverse.

    Meta May Launch a Non-Blockchain-Based Virtual Currency for Its Apps

    Facebook’s parent company, Meta, planning for NFT features on its suite of apps and services.

    Coca-Cola Makes a Virtual Drink for Gamers in the Metaverse

    The American beverage giant has reached the virtual world with its new product.

    PlayStation Creator Speaks Out Against the Metaverse

    Ken Kutaragi, Sony's PlayStation creator, said he "can't see the point" of the Metaverse.

    The Future of In-Game Advertising in the Metaverse

    Metaverse and virtual reality will open up a new era for in-game advertising.

    From Nike to Balenciaga – Luxury Brands Setting up Shots in the Metaverse Race

    The booming of Metaverse has been pushing many luxury fashion brands urgently dive into the virtual field to catch up with new market wave.