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    Meta Dog World Revolutionizes Dog Racing Industry Through Blockchain Technology - In the world of Meta Dog World, there is no place for cruelty.

    Epic Games Store to Get Its First NFT Game – GRIT - Epic Games, the parent company behind the highly popular game Fortnite,has officially added Gala’s GRIT as the first NFT game to their store.

    GoGame Announces Investment in Slime Royale - Although the crypto market is undergoing a difficult period, Slime Royale still won over hundreds of candidates and received a generous investment from goGame.

    Axie Infinity Bounces Back Strongly After Forming Double Bottom Pattern

    Since May 5, Axie Infinity (AXS) has seen a significant recovery, rising 52% from its lowest level in May.

    DeFiHorse Launches Titan NFT Box Sale – Firestorm Revival - Titan is one of the rare bloodlines in DeFiHorse who can only be created when pure-blooded Titans or Titan and Chaos breed each other.

    Slime Royale Announces to Receive Investment From GoGame – Thanks to Having an Unique Business Model

    Slime Royale - an emerging NFT game project has won over hundreds of candidates to receive investment from GoGame thanks to the innovative application of blockchain in creating a business model like no other.

    Space Marvel Kicking off May With a Series of Testnet Events

    Join Space Marvel testnets now to earn attractive rewards!

    Square Enix Sells Iconic Franchise “Tomb Raider” to Develop Blockchain Games - One of the reasons Square Enix ​​selling its studios and iconic franchises is to invest in the blockchain games.

    Metadoge – Explore Unique Universe of Digital Dogs and Earn Profits - Metadoge offers an engaging gameplay that perfectly combines both traditional endless runner game and racing game.