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    NFT Trader Hacked, Users Lost Millions of Dollars - Hackers have attacked NFT Trader and stolen many high-value NFTs.

    FIFA To Release Limited NFTs, Offering Chance to Access to 2026 World Cup Final - Holders of the first 100 NFTs will have the opportunity to watch the 2026 World Cup final for free.

    Square Enix Plans to Launch Its First Ethereum-based NFT Game “Symbiogenesis” - Square Enix has announced auction dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs - its first Etereum-based NFT game and plans to launch this game in the next month.

    Big Time – Hottest GameFi Project in 2023 - Big Time is a free multiplayer action RPG that has been receiving a lot of attention recently.

    Epic Games Cuts Workforce by 16% Amid Unrealistic Metaverse Revenue Projections - Epic Games, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, is making a significant cut to its workforce. Approximately 830 staff members, which accounts for 16% of its employees, will be let go. This decision is part of Epic Games' effort to lower costs and establish a sustainable financial environment for the company.

    Axie Infinity Developer Collaborates with CyberKongz for Upcoming Game

    Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity has partnered with CyberKongz, an Ethereum-based nonfungible token (NFT) collection, for a comprehensive gaming ecosystem on the Ronin blockchain.

    Google Play Store Now Supports NFT Games, But Not Gambling Ones

    According to the store's team, developers are allowed to offer NFTs for sale or as rewards in games, but they must declare this feature in their game descriptions, and should not permit gambling in any form.

    Otherdeeds – Key to Claiming Land in Otherside - Otherdeed is the key to bring users to Otherside Metaverse through Otherside game.

    Overview of Otherside – Metaverse Project by Yuga Labs - Can Otherside become the 2nd Axie Infinity?