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    Bitcoin (BTC) Price Review in Q2 2023

    As long-term holders continue to deplete the supply of Bitcoin, US investors are eagerly diving into the cryptocurrency.

    US Regulators Shift Focus to OKCoin After Coinbase and Binance

    OKCoin has been accused by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) of deceiving its US customers by claiming that non-deposit accounts are insured.

    US Treasury Aims to Strengthen Regulations for Nonbank Entities Amidst Banking Crisis

    Janet Yellen, United States Secretary of the Treasury, emphasized the need for increased regulation of nonbank entities, citing their potential to pose a systemic risk to the financial stability of the US.

    Bitcoin Surpasses the $28,000 Mark Thanks to Banking Crisis

    Turmoil in the banking sector has Bitcoin reaching levels not seen in about nine months.

    Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Collapse Causes NFT Trading Volume to Plunge

    One day after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, NFT trading volume also declined significantly, even reaching a bottom compared to November 2021.

    3 Predictions for Crypto Market After Collapse of SilverGate and Silicon Valley Bank - 3 predictions for the crypto market in the future after SilverGate and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.

    Crypto Market Rebounds Strongly After Fed’s Rescue Decision

    The cryptocurrency market is in green after the US government’s decision to rescue Silicon Valley Bank.

    USDC Price Recovered To $0.96 After Circle’s Latest Announcement

    CEO Jeremy Allaire of Circle – the company behind stablecoin USDC – gave the latest announcement about USDC’s volatility and solution for the recent crisis.