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    AceStarter – A Launchpad with a Novel Operating Model for the Crypto Market - AceStarter, a project from Ever City Global Ltd, is a next-generation launchpad that curates and launches world-class crypto projects on a global scale.

    ‘Fair Launch’ Tokens Outperforming the Average Coin’s Performance by 150%

    The recent data from Messari showed how ‘Fair Launch’ tokens are stirring up the crypto market.

    List of Crypto Airdrops in February 2022 (Updated on February 18th)

    What airdrops coming in February? Let’s find out with this monthly roundup!

    Crypto Flash Crashes: Things Investors Need to Know

    In 2021 only, Crypto price faced at least 6 flash crashes.

    Game Developers Show a Deep-Seated Distaste for NFT and Crypto

    Game developers share negative outlooks on NFT and Crypto in a recent survey.

    Bitcoin Price Plunges to $33,000 – Steepest Drop Since July 2021

    The cryptocurrency market continues its bloody days with leading cryptocurrencies suffering losses at the start of the week.

    Crashing Cryptocurrency Prices Cost Tech Giants Billions of Dollars

    Elon Musk misplaced $25.1bn, Jeff Bezos noticed a $20bn drop in the past week as a result of plunging tech stocks and crypto plummet.

    New Report Says 61% Of Americans Are Likely to Buy Crypto in 2022

    According to data released by Voyager Digital, interest in cryptocurrency will grow as Americans believe it will gain tremendous profit in 2022.

    Twitter Launches New Feature for Users to Set NFT Profile Picture

    NFT owners can now advertise and display their assets through Twitter ‘soft hexagon’ profile picture.