Zyberswap (ZYB) – Outstanding DEX Exchange With AMM on Arbitrum Blockchain - Zyberswap is among the most outstanding projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

    Zyberswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with an automated market-maker (AMM) on the Arbitrum blockchain that allows the swapping of crypto assets with the lowest fees. Zyberswap offers attractive rewards for Staking and Farming, thereby helping users get the most profit. It also engages users by letting them participate in decision-making via governance voting.

    Zyberswap’s Products

    Token Swap

    Zyberswap uses an AMM mechanism that allows users to swap various coin pairs at the lowest fees. Transaction fees will be distributed to Liquidity Providers in order to incentivize them to provide the depth of liquidity for the platform.

    Liquidity Pools

    This is a place to pool tokens so that users can use them to make trades in a decentralized permissionless way. Zyberswap’s liquidity pools allow users to provide liquidity by depositing tokens into the pool and receiving ZLP tokens (Zyberswap Liquidity Provider tokens). ZLP tokens are seen as proof of providing liquidity for a particular trading pair.

    Yield Farms

    Yield Farming is a method that helps users earn rewards and profits by depositing cryptocurrencies into Zyberswap’s liquidity pools. Zyberswap provides liquidity pools to incentivize users to create and stake their favorite token pairs. Users who create and stake their liquidity provider (LP) tokens in farms on Zyberswap will earn trading fees and $ZYB utility tokens. 

    There will be 2 types of rewards:

    • Single rewards: Users receive ZYBER tokens only
    • Triple rewards: Users will receive 3 tokens of ZYBER, USDC and ETH.


    Zyberswap is providing a unique and attractive utility for ZYB token holders. Users who stake and lock ZYB tokens for 2 weeks will receive rewards directly in Ethereum. Note that: Once you lock your $ZYB token, you cannot withdraw it for 2 weeks; If you add $ZYB to already staked funds, the locking period will reset to 2 weeks; and Rewards in Ethereum are distributed weekly.

    ZYBER Vault

    Zyber Vault is a collection of high incentivized pools for long-term supporters of the platform. Users will lock ZYB tokens for a certain period of time, the longer the time, the higher the reward will be. Note that every time funds are added to the vault, lock time period resets. 

    Cross-chain swap

    This is a cross-chain swap that allows users to convert tokens across different blockchains with a slippage rate of 1.5%. Zyberswap is supporting users to transfer tokens across 8 chains including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, Moonbeam and Celo.


    Launchpad for new projects on the Arbitrum ecosystem so that users can easily approach via IDO. Here, the projects will be audited and KYC by SolidProof, ensuring safety for users when participating in Launchpad.

    Referral Program

    Zyberswap offers users a Referral Program that helps them earn commissions every time their invited friends perform a swap on our platform. The Referral Rewards are based on the Protocol Fees (0.10%), Referral Bonus, and Trading Volume. 

    All the rewards are paid in ZYBER tokens and converted at the time of deposit to your referral balance. You can withdraw your referral rewards at any time, without any fees, however you need to have at least $1 of rewards accumulated.

    ZYB Token

    • Token Name: Zyberswap
    • Token: ZYB
    • Blockchain: Arbitrum
    • Token Standard: Updating
    • Contract: 0x3b475f6f2f41853706afc9fa6a6b8c5df1a2724c
    • Token uses: Administration, Utilities
    • Total Supply: 20,000,000 ZYB
    • Circulating Supply: 1,425,892 ZYB

    Token Allocation

    • Liquidity Incentives: 86.5%
    • Development team: 9%
    • Marketing: 4.5%


    Q1 2023 (completed)

    • Audit
    • DEX launch
    • ZYBER Token launch
    • Yield Farm launch
    • Promotional Activities
    • New Farms
    • Partnerships
    • Community Expansion
    • Governance Voting
    • 1-Click Farm
    • Analytics Page
    • Vaults
    • KYC
    • Referral Program
    • Burning Mechanism
    • Stake $ZYB earn $ZYB

    Q2 2023

    • Stake $ZYB earn $ETH
    • 3-pool on stablecoins
    • Dashboard Statistics
    • Launchpad
    • Performance upgrades
    • Fiat on-ramp
    • Styke $ZYB earn $ARB
    • Active Liquidity Management
    • Optimization of Vaults
    • 1st IDO – AutoDCA
    • 2nd IDO – KEWL
    • 3rd IDO – TBD

    Q3 2023

    • Concentrated Liquidity
    • Leverage Trading
    • UI upgrade

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