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    ByBit Exchange Under the Radar of US Regulators - Coinbase has received a subpoena from the CFTC requesting information about user transactions associated with Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Dubai.

    Coinbase International Introduces Perpetual Futures Trading for Retail Customers - Coinbase's international subsidiary recently received regulatory approval, allowing them to offer crypto derivatives services to institutional clients in eligible US states. This approval comes just a month after obtaining the necessary authorization from the NFA.

    Coinbase Integrates Lightning Network: Faster Transactions and Improved Scalability

    Coinbase announces exciting integration of the Lightning Network, a cutting-edge layer-2 payment protocol, into its platform.

    What Did We Have in the First Week of Onchain Summer?

    In a span of only one week, Base has managed to draw in hundreds of thousands of new users, garner attention from established brands and artists, and, unfortunately, attract scammers as well.

    SEC Asked Coinbase to Suspend Trading of All Cryptocurrencies, Excluding Bitcoin

    Coinbase CEO revealed SEC’s request to halt trading for all digital assets except Bitcoin, prior to suing for alleged broker registration failure.

    Coinbase Stops Coinbase Borrow, Urges Users to Repay Loans by November 20th

    CoinDesk reports that Coinbase plans to gradually shut down its Coinbase Borrow lending service in the coming months, reallocating resources to prioritize customer-favored products.

    Coinbase Wallet Introduces New Instant Messaging Feature with XMTP

    The latest addition provides private messaging with end-to-end encryption for individuals possessing a username, .eth domain, or Lens ID.

    Coinbase Doubles USDC Rewards to 4% Amid SEC Scrutiny of Staking Services

    Coinbase funds USDC rewards from its own pocket rather than through lending interest.

    Coinbase Launches Coinbase Launches Crypto Derivatives Exchange for Non-US Institutional Users - Coinbase is the latest in the list of crypto exchanges looking to expand overseas as the regulatory environment in the US is considered unfavorable by the industry.