Xai (XAI) – First Layer 3 Solution for AAA Gaming - Xai (XAI) is the first Layer 3 solution for AAA gaming developed by Offchain Labs, the developer of Arbitrum.

    Xai is a Layer 3 solution for AAA gaming developed by Offchain Labs, the developer of Arbitrum. Xai allows traditional gamers to own and trade valuable items in games without using a crypto wallet. Xai is also open and decentralized, enabling anyone to operate a node, receive network rewards, and participate in governance.


    Seamless wallet integration

    Requirement for players to interact directly with cryptocurrency wallets has been a significant barrier to adoption. To address this, Xai partners with Thirdweb to seamlessly integrate wallet management into the backend of the gaming experience. Players no longer need to worry about handling wallets; the platform manages this aspect for them, simplifying onboarding and user interaction.

    Gas fees

    Gas fees are also a challenge of blockchain games.  Inefficiencies and congestion on some blockchain networks lead to high transaction fees. So, gas fees are a big problem that prevent the blockchain game ecosystem from growing as well as prevent potential users from approaching blockchain games. Xai has recognized this challenge and is designed with a “gas subsidy” contract. This means games deployed to Xai will have gas fees subsidized by the network.  As a result, players can expect to play games on Xai without the need to pay for gas fees.

    Blockchain stability

    Blockchain stability is another concern. Blockchain should provide a reliable and secure infrastructure for gaming, but many networks are still facing stability issues that reduce the user’s gaming experience. By providing a stable environment, Xai enables seamless gameplay, eliminating the frustrations often associated with more unreliable blockchain networks.

    Innovative game design

    Xai is committed to fostering innovative game design that places the player experience at the forefront. Unlike some blockchain games that prioritize large portfolios of low quality games, Xai empowers developers to create imaginative and entertaining gameplay. By supporting a diverse range of game genres and mechanics, Xai encourages developers to focus on delivering engaging experiences that captivate players, rather than just token incentives.

    Unlock the potential of blockchain technology

    Xai understands the transformative power of blockchain technology. It encourages developers to think creatively about how to leverage blockchain’s unique advantages, such as interoperability and composability, to enhance gameplay. By offering a flexible and robust infrastructure, Xai empowers developers to explore new ways of incorporating blockchain benefits into their games, ultimately enriching the player experience.

    How does it work?

    Xai works as an Arbitrum Orbit chain powered by Anytrust technology to achieve maximum speed and minimum cost. Unlike other Orbit chains, Xai is directly supported by Offchain Labs.

    Advantages of Anytrust technology:

    Reduce transaction fees through Trust Assumptions: AnyTrust relies instead on an external Data Availability Committee to store data and provide it on demand. The Committee has N members, of which AnyTrust assumes at least two are honest. This means that if N – 1 Committee members promise to provide access to some data, at least one of the promising parties must be honest. Since there are two honest members, and only one failed to make the promise, it follows that at least one of the promisers must be honest – and that honest member will provide data when it is needed to ensure the chain can properly function.

    Flexibility: In AnyTrust’s architecture, the Keyset plays a very important role. A Keyset specifies the public keys of Committee members and the number of signatures required for a Data Availability Certificate to be valid. Keysets make Committee membership changes possible and provide Committee members the ability to change their keys.

    Send batch data: AnyTrust introduces two methods of sending data blocks on Layer 1. Besides the usual way of sending entire data blocks, AnyTrust also allows sending Data Availability Certificate (DACert ).

    Project ecosystem

    Xai is in the testnet phase but it has plans to release 5 games on its platform:

    • Final Form: card collection game
    • LAMOverse: action/shooting game
    • Carnivale: open world game
    • Tarochi: RPG game, allowing players to explore and capture monsters in the game
    • Kashi: RPG game, allowing players to adventure into a world inspired by Origami

    XAI token

    • Token Name: Xai
    • Ticker: XAI
    • Blockchain: Xai
    • Token Standard: ERC-20
    • Token Type: Governance, Utility

    Token Allocation

    • Node, community and DAC: 50.1%
    • Investors: 22.4%
    • Team: 20%
    • Ecosystem: 7.5%

    Use cases

    XAI serves as the native token of the Xai blockchain. XAI token will have the following use cases:

    Pay gas fees on the blockchain network

    Redeem to esXAI. esXAI is a non-transferable token that is used to reward node operators and vote on governance proposals.


    Q4 2023: Sentry Node Launch

    Q1 2024: 

    • TGE
    • Mainnet Launch
    • XAI Redemptions
    • Staking
    • Final Form Launch

    Xai is a Layer 3 solution developed based on Arbitrum’s Orbit technology. This project is only in the testnet phase and plans to launch mainnet in Q1 2024. The ecosystem of this blockchain is still not comparable to big competitors like Immutable X because it is currently planning to launch 5 games. However, the project has a lot of potential to develop in the future.

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