MIR4 Guide: Useful Tips for Mining Darksteel Fast

    Darksteel is the main resource in MIR4 that players need to mine to earn a profit.

    As you know, at Level 40, Darksteel can be melted into DRACO which can be converted into tokens for trading on crypto exchanges. So, to make money by playing MIR4, it is necessary to know some tips to mine Darksteel efficiently.

    How to get Darksteel in MIR4

    1. Do quests

    Doing quests is the fastest and easiest way to earn your first batch of Darksteel. Tasks can be repeatable for a certain amount per day. However, if you want to farm a lot of Darksteel, you will have to do more than just complete quests.

    2. Mine Darksteel in Bicheon Valley

    One of the best locations to mine Darksteel in MIR4 is definitely Bicheon Valley. To mine Darksteel in Bicheon Valley, you follow these steps:

    • Unlock the Valley System when you reach Levek 20
    • Open your Global Map by clicking your current location name in the top right (next to the Channel Button)
    • Select Bicheon Area and then select Bicheon Valley
    • Choose from one of Bicheon Valley floors (1F to 4F)
    • Click the “Collect Facility and Quarry” drop-down button.
    • Finally, click on Darksteel Mining Site.

    The higher the Bicheon Valley floor, the better the mining spot and the more Darksteel you can farm. However, the higher floors will also be more difficult.

    3. Mine Darksteel at Magic Square

    Another location to mine Darksteel is the Darksteel Chamber room of Magic Square. After completing a quest at Level 24, you can access the Magic Square through the game’s menu interface. You just need to go to Portal and select Magic Square.

    Magic Square consists of several rooms. You can move to another room every five seconds but you will be taken to a random room each time.

    It might take a few tries but just keep teleporting until you reach the Darksteel Room. Here you have two turns (Magic Square tickets) to grind for 30 minutes each, so take advantage of it.

    At higher levels, you can also access higher Magic Square tiers with better Darksteel rewards. However, be careful with PK (player kill) in both Bicheon and Magic Square.

    4. Do daily tasks

    Daily quests are quite easy to complete but some of them can give you a nice amount of Darksteel. These can be small tasks, upgrading a piece of equipment for example.

    5. Unlock achievements

    Besides daily quests, you can also get a one-time Darksteel reward by unlocking achievements. These are one-time tasks, such as completing tasks that can be repeated 30 times. You will be able to unlock all of these achievements naturally as you keep playing the game over a long period of time.

    Tips for Mining Darksteel Fast

    1. Find rare Darksteel pile

    A common mistake of newbies is to mine the nearest Darksteel pile you find. However, each Darksteel pile has a specific rarity based on its color that may affect the amount of Darksteel you receive. So try to find the rarest Darksteel mine to get more Darksteel.

    • Common Mine (Gray/White): 25-30 Darksteel
    • Uncommon (Green): 35-40 Darksteel
    • Rare (Blue): 45-60 Darksteel
    • Epic (Red): 100-150 Darksteel
    • Legendary (Yellow): 150-200 Darksteel

    2. Disable the Counterattack setting

    When enemies attack you while mining AFK, your character will automatically counterattack them. As a result, your mining speed is slowed down. You can disable this option at Combat Settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, turn off the “Counterattack when Hit” checkbox.

    3. Increase your maximum storage capacity

    Another way to improve your AFK mining efficiency is to increase your character’s maximum storage capacity. You can buy Bag Expansion tickets by spending Copper. Just click the Cart icon on the top menu. Go to the “Common Products” tab then the “Consumable” tab. 

    A 50-slot Bag Expansion Ticket I costs 200,000 Copper while 50-slot Bag Expansion Ticket II will cost 1,000,000 Copper. You will not spend too much time cleaning your inventory.

    4. Try switching channels

    If you can’t mine a pile of Darksteel that has been taken by other players, try switching channel servers. This will also prevent the risk of being attacked by other players because most of the mining sites have PK enabled.

    Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you. Follow for more tutorials on MIR4 and other NFT games.

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