Crypto Expert Forecasts Crypto Resurgence in Pivotal 2024

    Deutscher predicts 2024's biggest airdrop wave, signaling a fresh start for crypto enthusiasts with LayerZero, zkSync, and Manta.

    Miles Deutscher, an industry expert, has predicted that 2024 will be a pivotal year for the cryptocurrency industry. According to his forecasts, the crypto world is readying itself for the largest wave of airdrops.

    Projects such as LayerZero, zkSync, and Manta signify the dawn of a new era. Additionally, Linea and the Cosmos ecosystem have joined in this transformative phase. Significantly, these airdrops serve as a fresh start for crypto enthusiasts.

    Furthermore, there is considerable discussion regarding Ethereum’s potential rebound against Bitcoin. Deutscher cites ETH ETFs and the Dencun upgrade as catalysts that may enable Ethereum to reverse its underperformance from 2023. However, regulatory concerns linger. Despite recent developments like spot ETFs and the Binance settlement, Deutscher warns of renewed regulatory pressures in 2024. He emphasizes that regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will persistently challenge the crypto space.

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