Thetan Arena NFT Game – How to Play and Earn?

    The explosion of blockchain and NFTs have been leading to the blooming of games developed in this technology. Among a bunch of new NFT games released this year, Thetan Arena is one of the most standout names.

    What is Thetan Arena? 

    Thetan Arena is a free-to-play Blockchain game that combined MOBA and Battle Royale elements. Founded by seasoned gaming and technology veterans who understand the intricacies of blockchain-enabled gaming, Thetan Arean with its fascinating gameplay and innovative play-to-earn mechanism is a very promising project. Some crypto enthusiasts believe that this game will reach Axie Infinity’s rank soon with all of its breakthrough potentials. 

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    Thetan Arena game

    How to play Thetan Arena?

    With competitive gameplay, Thetan Arena will push up your desire to keep playing and win the matches. You don’t try your best, you will lose. So, make sure to build a strong team, gear your heroes up with a large selection of hundreds of weapons, come up with good tactics as well, and break all hardest levels of the game to gain attractive rewards. 

    To make your playing experience easier, here are beginner guides to play Thetan Arena: 

    1. Heroes

    Heroes are one of the most important features in Thetan Arena. Keep in mind that the more strong your heroes are, the higher rank you will reach. 

    When you join Thetan Arena for the first time, you will be given a free hero named Raidon at Level 1. Heroes in other rarities can be unlocked from Thetan Box. During the match, you can level up heroes from Level 1 to Level 10. The In-game heroes’ attributes will increase according to their roles.

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    There are 3 groups of heroes divided by their signature skills and statistics: 

    Tank: Frontlines facing up to the enemies and preventing their teammates from receiving damages. 

    Marksman: Engage the fight, eliminate the target in a single combo, and retreat without being noticed.

    Assassin: Responsible for maintaining the DPS amount during the fight.

    2. Heroes skills: 

    After choosing a suitable hero, you will be requested to select 2 skills for joining the matches. 

    Skills are categorized into 3 different skill sets based on heroes’ main attributes. Each skill set is also divided into 3 different levels of rarity which are default, rare and mythical.

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    Heroes skills

    3 skill sets include:

    Effect Skill: Inflicting status on self, allies, and enemies.

    Damage Skill: Used to greatly increase the amount of damage in a short period.

    Support Skill: Aiding you against attacks of enemies.

    *Note: Every week, there are randomized 15 skills to be selected in the skill pool. You can only choose the skills which are available. The skill pool will be refreshed weekly.

    3. Game modes:

    Now, once your heroes are available with their fit skills, let’s challenge yourself with various game modes as listed below: 

    Battle Royale: Joining a battleground with other 11 gamers to survive and become the last man standing.

    Tower Siege: Gamers divided into 2 teams demolishing the opponent’s tower

    Super Star: Fight with others to own the Superstar.

    Deathmatch: Eliminating others as many as possible

    Custom Battle: Create a custom battle and invite your friend to play together.

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    Game modes

    In addition to having various game modes, Thetan Arena also hosts special competitive events coming with a wide variety of rewards. So, don’t forget to access the game every day to not miss any hot event. 

    4. Thetan Arena currencies

    When you win the match, you will be rewarded with Thetan Coin and Thetan Gem.

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    Thetan Coin

    Thetan Coin (THC): Thetan Coin is the main in-game currency that can be achieved by playing game modes and participating in many other activities.

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    Thetan Gem

    Thetan Gem (THG): Besides Thetan Coin, Thetan Gem is another exclusive currency that makes you become an investor.

    How to earn in Thetan Arena?

    In Thetan Arena, there are many ways to earn money:

    1. Don’t want to invest in the game but still want to increase your income? If so, Thetan Arena allows you to use free (normal) heroes to join matches and gain rewards. You can also open heroes and expand your holdings by selling $THC in a peer-to-peer manner to the market. Of course, this way will be far harder and waste more time to ascend your rank. 

    2. To get Premium heroes quickly, you can combine $THC and $THG and open Thetan Box. After that, you can level up your heroes through matches, and then trade them for $THC. To climb in higher ranks, you should sharpen your skills and conquer the leader-boards.

    3. Premium Heroes give you attractive rewards by active battling in the game. You can also enter into direct peer-to-peer arrangements for renting heroes or sharing rewards obtained with other players. Working together will help you earn more digital tokens. 

    4. If you are a streamer, you can stream games to attract more game players and receive rewards from Thetan Arena community.

    Hopefully, with these instructions, you will find it easier to play and earn in Thetan Arena. Next time, we will have more guideposts for this game, so don’t forget to visit regularly to update more new information. 

    Click on the button to download game and enjoy!

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