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    What Crypto Whales Are Buying for October Gains? - Crypto whales have taken advantage of recent industry swings and positive macro events to accumulate some altcoins for potential profits in October 2023.

    Crypto Whales Continuously Accumulate Tokens, Pushing MKR Price to 16-month High - Crypto hedge fund Ouroboros Capital predicts MKR price can reach the threshold of $1,600.

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    Santiment’s Exciting Discovery: 5 Altcoins with Skyrocketing Whale Activity

    In its latest analysis, Santiment, the leading cryptocurrency analysis company, revealed five altcoins that are experiencing a surge of whale activity.

    Pre-Mined Ethereum Whale Resurfaces After 8 Years of Silence

    A renowned blockchain tracker recently revealed the reactivation of a dormant Ethereum address after 8.1 years. The address, which held 191 tokens valued at around $317,724, has sparked curiosity in the crypto community.

    Crypto Whales Are Accumulating These Altcoins

    In May, the crypto markets began on a tepid note amid reports of potential US debt ceiling issues that circulated throughout global capital markets. Despite the subdued market mood, certain altcoins have garnered bullish positions from crypto whales.