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    FBI and Ukraine Join Forces to Seize 9 Crypto Exchange Domains on Charges of Money Laundering

    As per the authorities, many exchanges enabled cybercriminals to violate the anti-money laundering protocols.

    A Crypto Wallet Released 114 Suspicious Memecoins in 2 Months

    ZachXBT reported that a suspected scammer had launched approximately 114 projects within the last 45 days.

    Chinese Tycoon Arrested for $1.4 Million Crypto Scam - Guo Wengui, an expatriate Chinese billionaire, has been accused of engaging in multiple schemes that defrauded investors out of $1.4 billion.

    China Arrests 63 People For Laundering $1.7 Billion in Crypto - Chinese authorities have arrested a gang of 63 for allegedly laundering up to $1.7 billion using cryptocurrencies.

    This Type of Crypto Scam Marked a 6-Fold Increase in 2022

    Scams seem to be a trend this year even though the market is slowing down. A new type of crypto scam on Youtube has grown sixfold in 2022.

    OpenSea Introduces New NFT Anti-theft Features

    Top marketplace OpenSea rolled out two new features aimed at preventing theft on the platform.

    Mastercard Launches New Crypto Anti-Fraud Tool

    Banks can now detect and prevent fraud on crypto merchant platforms by using Mastercard's new product.

    10-25% Tokens Have Abnormal Profit Before Being Listed on Coinbase

    According to a recent study from the University of Technology Sydney, there are approximately 10-25% of tokens listed on Coinbase have insider trading.

    Common Crypto Scams and How to Avoid Them (P2) - There are dozens of scams in the crypto space that you need to avoid.