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    Manchester United Accused of Copying NFT Artist’s Work - Manchester United recently launched a NFT collection, which is being accused of copying the work of famous NFT artist DesLucrece.

    Experts Make 10 Predictions about Crypto Market in 2023

    What will happen to the crypto space in 2023? Let's take a look at predictions from experts in the field, ranging from optimists to skeptics.

    China to Launch First National NFT Marketplace

    The upcoming NFT marketplace is a big step for China, a country that has been harsh on cryptocurrencies for years.

    Pudgy Penguins NFTs Set New All-time Highs in Trading Volume and Floor Price - Pudgy Penguins, a famous NFT collection which took the NFT world by storm in summer of 2021, has just seen its floor price break new all-time highs.

    HSBC and Fidelity File Metaverse and NFT Trademarks

    2 giants Fidelity and HSBC are the latest financial firms to seek trademarks in the Metaverse.

    NBA Legend’s NFT Collection Surpasses Donald Trump, Sold Out in 77 Seconds

    Former American basketball legend Scottie Pippen has broken the sales record at OpenSeas with his NFT collection.

    Coinbase to Return Users’ ERC-20 Tokens Sent by Accident

    Now, accidental Ethereum-based transfers to Coinbase can be rolled back within a few steps.

    Former US President Donald Trump Releases NFT Collection

    Donald Trump's NFT collection will cost $99, giving buyers the right to meet face-to-face with the former president.

    Coca-Cola Launches World Cup NFTs on, CRO Price Surges

    10,000 NFTs will be issued on the blockchain based on heatmap from FIFA World Cup 2022 matches.