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    China Plans to Boost NFT and Web3 Despite Crypto Trading Ban - Despite crypto trading ban issued in 2021, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology still lays out a strategic plan to boost NFTs and dApps.

    Blur Dominates 80% of NFT Trading Volume on Market - Blur is dominating 80% of NFT trading volume as the NFT market has seen a spike over the past month.

    NFTs Aren’t Dead Yet, Signs of a Revival on the Horizon? - The recent viral post from Rolling Stone, branding NFTs as worthless, has certainly sparked attention. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the truth behind NFTs is far more intricate and promising.

    Join the Web3 Crypto Revolution with Grab’s New Wallet and Expert NFT Guidance

    Embarking on an exciting new venture, Grab integrates a cutting-edge Web3 crypto wallet into its platform, revolutionizing the way a staggering 180 million users engage with cryptocurrency.

    Coca-Cola Launches NFT Collection on Coinbase Layer-2 Network Base - The largest soft drinks brand in the world has chosen Base as the next blockchain to launch its first NFT collection.

    CoinMarketCap Report: Cryptocurrency Market Analysis for H1 2023

    CoinMarketCap (CMC) has recently published its report on the cryptocurrency market analysis for the first half of 2023. Let’s see how Bitcoin and Altcoins are developing.

    Google Play Store Now Supports NFT Games, But Not Gambling Ones

    According to the store's team, developers are allowed to offer NFTs for sale or as rewards in games, but they must declare this feature in their game descriptions, and should not permit gambling in any form.

    Solana’s Cardinal Protocol Halts Operations Due to Economic Difficulties

    The Solana-based project, Cardinal Protocol, intended to enrich the functionality of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is winding down its operations as a result of challenging economic circumstances.

    Bored Ape NFTs Price Bottoms Out Since Late 2021, Backers Blame Speculators - The popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club has reached its lowest price since late 2021.