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    SEC Wins $2.8M in Lawsuit Alleging Crypto Token Price Manipulation

    For purportedly running a price manipulation scheme, Hydrogen Technology Corp. and its ex-CEO will be responsible for paying $2.8 million in fines and remedies.

    Silvergate Bank to Liquidate Assets, Wind Down Operations

    Silvergate Bank was unable to turn the current crisis around and decided to downsize its operations.

    The Trading Platform Robinhood Received SEC Subpoena

    Robinhood, a popular trading app provider, was subpoenaed by US securities regulators, according to a filing submitted on Feb.27.

    How Will Crypto Staking Be When SEC Strengthens Crackdown?

    Agreement between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, raised questions about the future of staking on blockchains like Ethereum.

    SEC Charges Terra CEO Do Kwon With Fraud

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released an indictment accusing Terraform Labs and CEO Do Kwon of conspiring to defraud billions of dollars using crypto assets and securities, leading to a crash that caused $40 billion in damage.

    SEC: Companies Should Disclose Damages From Recent Crypto Disasters

    SEC said that if companies had a stake in recent disasters, they should be frank with investors.

    Why Won’t Ripple Be Affected by SEC Win Over LBRY? - SEC won a lawsuit against a cryptocurrency project this week. The results have raised concerns about Ripple, which is also involved in a battle with the securities regulator.

    Study: SEC Investigations Drive Investors to Cryptocurrencies

    US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations on crypto market seem to be working out.