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    Top 12 Cryptos Are Down 70% to 90% from ATH

    It's been almost a year since the top crypto assets hit all-time highs (ATHs), and now the majority of them have lost significant value.

    Shiba Inu Overtakes AVAX to Become 12th Biggest Cryptocurrency - The market cap of Shiba Inu hits $10 billion, overtaking Avalanche to become the 12th biggest cryptocurrency in the crypto space.

    SHIB Holders Should Know This Before Selling

    SHIB seems to be on a positive tangent. From whales constantly accumulating, listing on new exchanges to launching updates, all of those are good signs for holders to stay put with the meme coin.

    Shiba Inu Attracts 20,000 New Holders In Last Month - Despite the current bear market, Shiba Inu has still attracted a lot of interest from investors.

    Shiba Inu Plans to Launch Stablecoin “SHI” - Shiba Inu's SHI stablecoin is expected to launch in late 2022.

    Lacking Utility, Will Shiba Inu Become Next Terra Luna? - Cryptocurrency experts suggest that Shiba Inu is almost in the same category as Terra LUNA.

    SHIB Fails to Breakoutout of Consolidation Range - Despite the listing on Robinhood, SHIB has lost most of its recent gains.

    3.7 Million SHIB Got Burn in Past Day

    3.7 million SHIB have been permanently removed from circulation in the last 24 hours

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) Becomes Unprofitable - Shiba Inu profitability rate drops to 44%, making token unprofitable for majority of holders.