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    Crypto Whale Swaps $5M Worth of mSOL, Causing This Token to Drop Sharply - In less than half an hour, mSOL has plummeted 20%.

    A Crypto Whale May Sell Large Amounts of Ethereum After 5 Years of Hibernation - An Ethereum whale deposited nearly $90 million in ETH to Kraken, according to on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain.

    Ethereum Whale Buys $5.53 Million in ETH on Binance - An anonymous whale has purchased an additional $5.53 million worth of ETH on Binance amidst turbulent market conditions.

    3 Favorite Cryptocurrencies of Crypto Whales, According to Google Bard - If you ask Google Bard which are favorite cryptocurrencies of whales, the answer will be Dogecoin (DOGE) or Ethereum (ETH) and Meme Moguls (MGLS).

    3 Satoshi-era Bitcoin Whales Awakens on Same Day - These 3 whales moved a total of 6,500 BTC worth $230 million.

    Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Shows Stark Contrast in Their Behavior - While Bitcoin whales are constantly accumulating, Ethereum whales are in a massive downtrend.

    What Crypto Whales Are Buying for October Gains? - Crypto whales have taken advantage of recent industry swings and positive macro events to accumulate some altcoins for potential profits in October 2023.

    Crypto Whales Continuously Accumulate Tokens, Pushing MKR Price to 16-month High - Crypto hedge fund Ouroboros Capital predicts MKR price can reach the threshold of $1,600.

    Crypto Whale Places Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Ethereum - A crypto whale has bet $150 million on ETH call options.