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    ETH Dropped 94% in 2018 – Will History Repeat With ETH Price Bottoming at $375?

    Ethereum (ETH) is showing signs of bottoming out as ETH price spiked from a key support zone. Notably, ETH price is currently holding above the key support level at the 200-week SMA near $1,196.

    Mastercard Allows Purchasing NFTs Without Cryptos

    Mastercard has corporated with Immutable X and other platforms to allow cardholders to purchase NFTs easier and safer by using fiat.

    All Things to Know About ETH as the Merge Looming

    With the Merge is underway, the transition into a Proof-of-Stake Network is about to become a reality.

    Optimism Drops 70% After the First Airdrop Round

    The long-awaited Optimism’s OP tokens have plummeted more than 70% since the rolling out of a community Airdrop on Tuesday.

    Optimism Goes Live With First Airdrop – Many Exchanges Announce to List OP Tokens

    Optimism officially launched the first OP airdrop this morning. The event has attracted a large number of participants, resulting in system overload.

    DEX Protocol Uniswap Hits $1 Trillion in Trading Volume

    Uniswap has become the first DEX to reach the milestone of $1 trillion in trading volume.

    Will New Generation Blockchains Be Able to Enthrone Ethereum?

    The emergence of new and innovative blockchains is threatening Ethereum's position in the crypto market.

    Tether Drops Below $1 Peg After TerraUSD and LUNA Crash - The world's largest stablecoin Tether fell as low as $0.95 in the early hours of May 12.

    Differences Between Litecoin and Ethereum – Which one is better?

    Since Bitcoin's dramatic growth, cryptos have also created more mainstream. Among those, Litecoin and Ethereum are outstanding ones.