5 Notable LSDfi Projects to Folow - LSDfi is expected to be a new trend next time, so which are potential LSDfi projects to watch out for?

    Libra Finance (LBR)

    Lybra Finance is a pioneering LSDfi protocol that allows users to mint interest-bearing eUSD stablecoins by depositing ETH or stETH. 

    eUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, backed by an excess of ETH collateral, and issued in a decentralized and unbiased manner. Simply holding eUSD generates a stable income with an APY of approximately 8%. Lybra Finance’s eUSD is the fastest growing stablecoin in the DeFi space.

    Agility (AGI)

    Agility aims to unlock liquidity for LSD holders and explore more LSD trading scenarios, as well as provide deep liquidity for other LSD-relative protocols. Agility’s mission is to be a platform that fulfills users’ desire for profit by enhancing real yield and unlocking LSD’s liquidity at a low cost.

    Pendle Finance (PENDLE)

    Pendle Finance is a Yield Derivatives platform that allows users to use their future profits for collateral, trading and investing. This project introduces a concept called “assets at a discount”, in which users can buy assets at a cheaper price, but they need to wait a while to receive that amount of assets. Pendle also built an ecosystem around the PENDLE token, including two prominent projects, Equilibria and Penpie.

    unshETH (USH)

    unshETH is a Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) project developed on Ethereum, allowing users to stake ETH and LSD tokens for profit. Its goal is to build an aggregation platform that gives users the ability to access and optimize profits from LSD tokens on Ethereum.

    Maverick Protocol (MAV)

    Maverick Protocol is an AMM DEX platform that uses Directional LPing solution to provide the best rates to liquidity providers. The special feature of Maverick AMM is that it supports Native LSTs, helping to maintain liquidity within the yield range of those Native LSTs.

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