Apple May Allow Cryptocurrency Transfers Through iPhones - The soon-to-be-supported Tap to Pay payment feature on the iPhone will likely help companies that pay crypto as well.

    According to the latest announcement, Apple technology corporation has launched “Tap to Pay”, a feature that allows iPhone users to make payments through the Apple Pay gateway with just a one touch of the phone without the need for other devices by any other third party.

    Apple says the new feature will be supported for Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and crypto wallets.

    “Tap to Pay” will be launched in 2022, supporting models from iPhone XS and above.

    Because Apple Pay is already used by more than 90% of stores in the US, Apple will work with payment platforms, payment companies, and app developers to make Tap to Pay widely accepted.

    Although Apple’s announcement does not mention whether or not it will support crypto wallets, there has been a lot of speculation that iPhone users will indirectly be able to pay crypto to each other thanks to Tap to Pay.

    This is because many major exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini or have all partnered with Visa to issue their own crypto debit cards. The two later integrated card payments to Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing users to conduct crypto transactions through supported payment gateways. However, since no confirmation has been given yet, crypto users will have to wait until Tap to Pay is officially rolled out to be able to test this hypothesis.

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