Axie Infinity to Release Development Update for January 2022

    The first Developer's update for 2022 focuses on Project K and Axie Origin upgrades.

    The development team has revealed further details about Project K and Axie Origin, two long-awaited aspects of the blockchain game. The update was announced on January 16 via the official Axie Infinity twitter account.

    Aside from fresh visuals for the land gameplay and new fights system, the January dev update also featured information on the game’s progress, an update on Sky Mavis’ crew size, and the introduction of Buba, the first piece of Axie lore. The update also included their Ronin, the game’s side chain, joining the twitterverse for a brief while.

    Axie Origins and Project K

    The team mentioned that they are now working on project K’s trade functionality. Because this is a sophisticated system they’re attempting to perfect, the engineers estimate that just one feature will take at least a month. Meanwhile, they’ve released some great concept art for how objects may seem in the game.

    On the Axie Infinity: Origin has published fresh graphic upgrades to the much-anticipated fighting system. They shared concept images for power-ups as well as additional face expressions for the Axies during battle. Buba, one of the Axies that will be part of this metaverse’s narrative, was also presented by the creators. However, one major element that this feature will provide is the availability of starting Axies, which are free Axies that users may use to begin playing and enjoying the game before making a financial commitment.

    A delicate balancing Act

    In their dev update, the team also said that throughout the middle of the season, they will avoid from enhancing or nerfing certain cards. As a result of how the community reacted to a card rebalance during Season 19, the team has said that rebalancing work would be concentrated over the summer, allowing players to experiment with different combinations more freely.

    ESports Grants

    On the Esports front, the team completed the first wave of their Esports grant successfully. They were able to set aside $5500 AXS to fund 40 events. They stated this year that they will be allocating 7500 $AXS to be given for over 75 events in the first half of 2022.

    These tournaments must be able to broadcast the event in four different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tagalog. The Esports grant application period runs from January 15 until January 25. To apply, go to their substack website.

    The Axie community is already in for a wild ride just a few weeks into the new year. Highly anticipated game features are going to be released, the team is still working to balance the PvP metas, and their Esports program is moving forward at full speed. Visit their substack website to learn more about the dev update, card rebalance, and Esports grants.

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