BNB Chain to Develop a Layer-2 Solution, Sparking Speculation

    After releasing a teaser on Twitter, BNB Chain has sparked speculation within the community about its next move.

    A major change regarding the future of the BNB Chain ecosystem was revealed on the morning of June 15th via the BNB Chain Twitter page.

    BNB Chain quickly launched a short trailer, without keeping the community waiting for long. The trailer follows a familiar pattern of dates, indicating that this ecosystem will unveil a product change on June 19, 2023.

    The trailer features a few seconds of the words “Layer-2” and emphasizes the message line “Unlocking the potential for BNB Chain.” Based on initial predictions, it seems likely that this blockchain ecosystem will take significant steps to expand on Layer-2. 

    Prior to this, BNB Chain made noticeable changes related to infrastructure issues, particularly the development of Greenfield data solutions. Additionally, on June 12th, the BEP-126 upgrade was officially deployed on BNB Chain.

    By implementing this change, the network will experience a shorter time to finalize blocks, improved security, and a reduced risk of reorg events.

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