Exciting Partnership Announcement: Wallacy Wallet and Bitnews Social - Wallacy Wallet officially announces its esteemed collaboration with Bitnews Social, promising to bring a lot of exciting opportunities and benefits to their users.

    Wallacy, a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet, has recently joined forces with Bitnews Social, a pioneering platform that combines News and Social Networks. This partnership brings together two innovative platforms with a shared vision for growth and community empowerment. The union is expected to open up exciting opportunities for both sides, further solidifying their positions in the crypto space.

    Bitnews Social is known as the first news and social networking platform in Southeast Asia where users can discuss crypto news, events and projects from communities, investment funds and users. What sets Bitnews Social apart from others is that it allows users to create their own Channels to share information and participate in discussions to exchange knowledge and experiences.

    Meanwhile, more than just a crypto wallet with secure asset management, Wallacy Wallet integrates thrilling casual games to create an exciting entertainment playground for users. With its innovative gamified approach, Wallacy expects to approach and convert Bitnews Social’s thriving community with thousands of passionate users. For new users to the Web3 gaming space, Wallacy will definitely bring the easiest experiences for them to enter!

    The partnership between Wallacy Wallet and Bitnews Social will certainly unlock many exciting opportunities for both sides. Please follow their social media to get the latest news and updates!

    About Bitnews Social

    Bitnews Social is a platform that combines News and Social Networks, focusing on sharing news and knowledge about Blockchain in Vietnam.

    About Wallacy

    Wallacy is a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that not only offers secure management of crypto assets but also delivers easy and enjoyable experiences to help users explore the potential of the crypto world.

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