Famous Analyst Reveals Altcoins to Watch Closely This Week - Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher shared a list of altcoins, including Bitcoin, to watch this week.

    Miles Deutscher is a crypto investor and analyst, who hosts a daily livestream on Crypto Banter (649k subscribers on YouTube). Miles’ primary focus is analysing crypto projects, who’s findings are published across Twitter and YouTube. He recently shared a list of cryptocurrencies he will follow closely this week.

    Bitcoin (BTC): Despite some mid-week gains, Bitcoin continues its bearish momentum with another weekly close below the 200-week moving average. BTC is trading around the $25,000 horizontal support level.

    Chainlink (LINK): LINK is surging, maybe due to SmartCon taking place on October 2. In the past, LINK has been bullish before the conference and bearish afterward.

    Open Exchange Token (OX): Although aggressive unlocks affected the token price, Deutscher remains bullish on this exchange.

    Arbitrum (ARB): Positive news from the Arbitrum ecosystem, such as Post Tech, the return of the Arbitrum Odyssey event, and the approval of the Arbitrum incentive program, have attracted Deutscher’s attention. So, ARB of course is one of the altcoins that we should follow this week.

    Optimism (OP): The token has a scheduled unlocking event this Saturday, which will see the release of 24.16 million of OP or 3% of its circulating supply, worth roughly $30 million. Some $16 million of the assets will be issued to core contributors of the project, while $14 million were earmarked for investors. The foundation is also selling $150 million of OP to 7 separate buyers with a 2 year lock up. 

    Frax Shares (FXS): Frax v3, Fraxchain, Fraxlend, frxETH and more to come, so there is a bullish trend in the FRAX ecosystem.

    Worldcoin (WLD): As artificial intelligence continues to gain traction, WLD is one of notable altcoins to watch. According to the analyst, although it is in the list of “hated coins”, the circulation value of the coin is still acceptable.

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