Google Cloud Integrates 11 Blockchains into BigQuery Data Warehouse - Google's BigQuery now offers 11 fresh public data sets for blockchain networks. This exciting update allows users to easily access a wide range of data from these networks.

    In a recent blog post on September 21, Google Cloud’s BigQuery service announced an exciting expansion, now encompassing 11 new blockchain networks. Blockchain enthusiasts can now access data from a broader range of networks, including Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Ethereum’s Görli testnet, Fantom, Near, Optimism, Polkadot, Polygon’s mainnet, Polygon’s Mumbai testnet, and Tron – all in one place.

    BigQuery, Google’s cutting-edge data warehouse service, is revolutionizing the way enterprise firms manage and extract insights from their valuable data. It not only offers a convenient storage solution for businesses but also provides access to a myriad of public data sets, including renowned sources like Google Trends, American Community Service demographic information, and the powerful Google Analytics.

    Keeping up with the dynamic world of blockchain technology, Google ventured into the realm of cryptocurrencies in 2018. It kicked off its journey by adding a Bitcoin data set to BigQuery, swiftly followed by the inclusion of Ethereum later that year. Recognizing the growing popularity of various cryptocurrencies, Google escalated its efforts in February 2019, adding support for Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Zcash. Now, with its latest announcement on September 21, BigQuery has elevated its blockchain coverage to an impressive total of 19 networks.

    But that’s not all – Google’s team behind BigQuery has gone the extra mile to enhance user experience. They have introduced an innovative feature designed to simplify blockchain queries. By introducing a range of user-defined functions, they have addressed the challenge of handling long-form decimal results often encountered in blockchains. Google proudly asserts that these new functions will not only provide customers access to extended decimal digits for their blockchain data but also minimize rounding errors in computations, ensuring accuracy like never before.

    Showing their commitment to blockchain technology, Google Cloud has displayed increasing interest and collaboration in this space. Partnering with Voltage, a Lightning Network infrastructure provider, on July 7 marked a significant milestone. Just recently, on September 14, Google Cloud joined forces with Orderly Network, a pioneering Web3 startup, to develop off-chain components for the dynamic realm of decentralized finance – setting the stage for a future full of possibilities.

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