Helio Protocol (HELIO) – Unique Liquidity Protocol for Borrowing and Earning Yield on BNB Chain - Helio Protocol aims to address the risks associated with stablecoin’s stability.

    Helio Protocol is an open source liquidity protocol for borrowing and earning yield on HAY – a destablecoin which is over-collateralized with liquid staked assets. Built on BNB Chain, Helio Protocol consists of a dual token model and mechanisms that support instant conversions, asset overcollateralization, borrowing, yield farming, and staking. After the launch of the government token HELIO, the protocol works as a DAO, where the community will manage the treasury, revenue pool and development decisions of the protocol.

    Helio Protocol’s Products

    Helio Protocol has 3 main products:

    Collateralize: Users can mint and borrow HAY by providing BNB/BUSD as collateral, which can then be used to stake for yield, liquidity mining and as a means to transfer value.

    Lending: Users who have collateralized BNB holdings can borrow HAY destablecoins on Helio Protocol.

    Earning: The protocol accumulates both the staking rewards from collateralized BNB and the borrowing interest in the Helio Protocol revenue pool. The pool will then redistribute HAY rewards to liquidity providers and stakers. The more HAY that users hold or stake, the larger the return on the investment will be.

    In addition, HAY – destablecoin of Helio Protocol is also a special product that is noticed by many people. HAY is a decentralized stablecoin (destablecoin) which is over-collateralized with liquid staked assets.

    Outstanding features

    Loan-To-Value Ratio: The collateral ratio is the bar for the price of collateralized user assets in relation to the price of the borrowed HAY. The current value is 66% of the collateral value. The collateral ratio is used in triggering the liquidation process when the borrowed HAY value becomes higher than the 66% of the current worth of the user’s collateral with safety margin.

    Liquid Staking: As an upgraded version of staking on the BNB Chain, Liquid Staking enables users to utilize the benefits of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network that is the BNB Chain. With BNB Liquid Staking, users don’t need to encrypt their assets with a specific central node, also solve the problem of illiquid assets that are not valid elsewhere.

    Risk management: Managing risks and ensuring the safety of users’ assets has always been Helio Protocol’s top priority. The protocol features a Liquidation Alert System for registered users to send them alerts if their positions are at risk of being liquidated.



    • Token Name: Helio Protocol
    • Token: HELIO
    • Blockchain: BNB Chain
    • Token Standard: BEP-20
    • Token uses: Governance
    • Contract: Updating
    • Total Supply: Updating
    • Circulation supply: Updating


    • Token Name: Destablecoin HAY
    • Token: HAY
    • Blockchain: BNB Chain
    • Token Standard: BEP-20
    • Token Uses: Stablecoins, Utilities
    • Contract: 0x0782b6d8c4551b9760e74c0545a9bcd90bdc41e5
    • Total Supply: 40,778,056 HAY
    • Circulating Supply: 40,778,056 HAY

    Token Allocation

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