Is Bitcoin Price Repeating March’s Pattern? - Bitcoin price is falling below $55K, will history repeat like in March?

    Look at March bearish pattern in left part of a chart, its was a rising wedge which price broke down.

    Price created 3 new ATH one by one with a small exit upward then price bounced on 50% down to levels near 30.000$.

    Now in November BTC drawing something similar to march falling wedge .

    Price make new ATH with small exit upward and after this we see a correction.

    A Trader on thinks now price can show us last wave up and new ATH around levels 72.000 -75.000$ and after this we will see a correction down.

    In this time correction can ends higher around 40.000$ but after this we will see few years of bearish market.

    Warning: The article is for informational purposes only, not calling for investment.

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