Kryptoskatt – Web3 Platform Providing Financial Services Backed by Binance Labs - Kryptoskatt was invested by Binance Labs and Labs at the Seed Round in June 2023.

    What is Kryptoskatt?

    Kryptoskatt is a simple and reliable platform that helps you with cryptocurrency tax calculations, reporting, and portfolio management in multiple countries. Kryptoskatt is currently supporting more than 2000 DeFi protocols, more than 100 crypto wallets and exchanges, and over 50 different blockchains.

    Kryptoskatt allows users to easily import all your clients’ transactions using API or CSV and automatically calculate your taxes in just a few minutes. The platform is integrated with multiple exchanges, blockchains, crypto wallets, DeFi protocols so that users can choose and manage all their transactions in a single dashboard without having to switch between multiple platforms. Users can track their portfolio including DeFi and NFT transactions, profits, losses and more.

    The platform also allows users to create tax reports for free and download their tax report in different formats. Kryptoskatt aims to build a comprehensive financial platform, which supports individuals and businesses in the Web3 space.

    Features of Kryptoskatt

    Auto-Sync transactions

    Users can auto synchronize their DeFi and NFT transactions with 100+ exchanges, wallets and handle any transaction errors. This helps users save a lot of time and effort as they don’t need to import their transactions manually.

    To use the Auto-Sync transaction feature, users need to create a Kryptoskatt account and connect it with your exchange account or wallet address. Once your account is connected, Kryptoskatt will automatically synchronize your transactions every 24 hours.

    In addition, the Auto-Sync transaction feature offers a convenient way to update taxes of each user transaction. Kryptoskatt can also generate reports, calculate taxes, and PNL (Profit and Loss) in real-time to help users easily control their investment portfolio.

    NFT Module

    The feature gives you access to a full NFT dashboard (Inventory, Listings, Sold, Bought, Transactions) and NFT reports as well.

    With NFT Module, users get an overview and generate tax reports that comply with their local laws.

    DeFi Module

    DeFi Module gives users access to a DeFi dashboard where they can view a full portfolio across over 2000 DeFi protocols supported by Kryptoskatt. The platform will categorize all your DeFi transactions automatically such as staking, add LP, lending to simplify and generate tax reports of these transactions.


    The feature allows users to connect their exchange accounts, crypto wallets to Kryptoskatt so that the platform automatically imports their transactions and generates tax reports. Kryptoskatt is currently supporting 100+ exchanges, 100+ wallets, 50+ blockchains, and 2000+ DeFi protocols.

    To use the Integrations feature, users will need to create a Kryptoskatt account and connect it with their exchange account or wallet. Once a user’s account is connected, Kryptoskatt automatically imports their transactions and generates tax reports.


    Users pick the suitable plan with different prices to access Kryptoskatt’s features. There are 4 packages, each comes with different functions and benefits: Freemium, Hobbyist, Starter and Pro. 

    For Accountants

    Easily sync your client data and calculate taxes automatically. The platform offers some features supporting accountants include:

    • Easy access to clients’ portfolio, transactions and tax reports
    • Manage multiple clients, billing and payments from one dashboard
    • Chat functionalities, forums, and many more.


    Support multiple blockchains, wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols: Kryptoskatt is now supporting 2,000+ DeFi protocols, 50+ blockchains, 100+ crypto wallets, and 100 exchanges, and even supports multiple NFT standards.

    Automatically synchronize data: Kryptoskatt automatically synchronizes all user data directly via API or CSV.

    Support multiple countries: Kryptoskatt supports various countries including Canada, Sweden, UK, USA and they are constantly expanding to other countries.

    Tax report for free: Kryptoskatt allows users to create tax reports for free that comply with local regulations and laws. Just select the country where users need to report and the platform will do the rest.

    Support 24/7: Kryptoskatt provides fast customer support and there is always someone to solve user problems 24/7. Users can also choose their paid plans if they want additional guidance throughout their crypto transaction tax reporting process.

    Professional accounting network: Kryptoskatt not only calculates users’ crypto transaction taxes, but also helps them pay taxes thanks to the platform’s professional accounting network.


    Kryptoskatt is continuing to expand and develop their services for businesses and crypto exchanges. The project will also expand its operations in many countries in 2023 to support integration and regulatory compliance for crypto transactions.


    In June 2023, Kryptoskatt was invested in the Seed Round for an undisclosed amount by Binance Labs and Labs.


    Kryptoskatt cooperates with exchanges, wallets, blockchains which use its financial services, including: Bitgert, SafePal, INATBA and RocketX.

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