List of IDOs on AceStarter in May 2022 (Updated on May 14)

    Let’s update more hot IDO projects on AceStarter!

    Epic War

    Time:​ TBA

    Token: EWAR

    Exchange rate: 1 EWAR = 0,04 BUSD

    About Epic War: 

    Epic War is a P2E team-based shooter game that combines FPS, RPG, strategic, and adventure elements. Carrying on the mission to save the Kepler-22B planet, players will be immersed in thrilling battles with teammates and earn attractive income. 

    There are two main game modes PvE and PVP. In PvE, players can freely join any battle without any expense, whereas, PvP requires players to stake tokens and fight with others in an arena filled with weapons, shields, and monsters. If fail, players may lose all of their NFTs. 

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    Plant Empires


    • Subscriptions Round: 8 pm – 9pm Jun 20, 2022
    • Social Round: 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm Jun 20, 2022
    • FCFS Round: 10 pm Jun 20, 2022 – 12 am Jun 21, 2022

    Token: PEFI

    Exchage rate: 1 PEFI = 0.001 BUSD

    Model: Fair Launch

    Vesting: 100%

    About Plant Empires: 

    Plant Empires is conceptualized to be a mobile game that combines the elites of tower defense, role-playing, and strategy gaming genre. With its unique anti-inflation model as well as youthful, simple gameplay, the game promises to make a splash in the world of GameFi. 

    Team Members: 

    CSCMobi is a technology company established in 2015. The company currently has 65 members with an aim to create good quality games for youth. After many years of operating, CSCMobi has built a strong community with more than 100 million users on Google Play and Appstore.

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