Neutron (NTRN) – The Project Listed by Binance with Seed Tag Applied - Binance has listed Neutron (NTRN) and open trading for these spot trading pairs at 2023-10-10 12:00 (UTC).

    What is Neutron?

    Neutron is a cross-chain smart-contracting platform that brings smart contracts into the Cosmos-family blockchains using CosmWasm, a smart contract built on the Cosmos ecosystem. It combines the security of a top 10 blockchain by stack capitalization with cutting-edge cross-chain infrastructure to enable DeFi apps securely scale across a growing network. 

    The project’s native token is NTRN.


    Cosmos SDK: Neutron is built on Cosmos SDK, a framework that simplifies the process of building secure blockchain apps on top of Tendermint BFT.

    Security: Interchain Security is a technology that allows Neutron to be secured by the Cosmos Hub’s validator and does not have another one separate validator set particularly for the Neutron blockchain.

    Innovative Interchain System: Neutron supports CosmWasm, allowing smart contracts  to run on the Cosmos blockchain in many different programming languages through a virtual machine.

    DAO: Neutron’s NTRN token is also used for governance and voting for the development of the project. The community accounts for 52.2% of the voting power, the remaining 47.8% belongs to Early Backers.

    How does it work?

    Interchain Transactions

    Neutron is bringing interchain accounts (ICA) to CosmWasm smart-contracts. ICAs allow modules and smart contracts to execute and track transactions on foreign zones, without deploying additional code.

    Interchain Queries (ICQ)

    Neutron is bringing customizable Interchain Queries to smart contract developers. Interchain Queries (aka ICQs) are an essential building block enabling devs to securely retrieve data from remote zones.


    All Neutron fees will be burned. Interchain Security divides the deducted fee into two parts: 25% of the fee is sent to the hub as payment for ICS, the remaining 75% is either burnt (NTRN) or sent to the Reserve (ATOM, etc.).


    Token metrics

    Token name: Neutron Token

    Ticker: NTRN

    Blockchain: Cosmos

    Token Standard: Updating

    Contract: Updating

    Token Type: Utility Governance

    Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 NTRN


    Neutron DAO: 54%

    Founders: 23%

    Early Backers: 11%

    Community: 12%

    Token utilities






    Neutron recently successfully raised $10 million in a funding round led by Binance Labs, Delphi Digital and other investment funds.

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