Nomad Recovers $9.1 Million Thanks To White Hat Hackers

    As reported by, Nomad Bridge was attacked on August 2. An unknown hacker abused the platform’s flawed smart contracts to withdraw more than $95.5 million in ERC-20 tokens from Nomad. Many crypto thieves, after discovering this hacker’s attack method, also participated in the attack by copying the original hacker’s transaction and changing the original address to a custom one. By this way, more than $190 million were drained, with 41 addresses having been identified which grabbed millions of dollars during the theft.

    However, many users then claimed they were “white hat hackers” who actively grabbed bridge funds and then offered to return to rescue some funds from bad guys. On August 3, Nomad published a wallet address, calling on those who took funds from the bridge to return it for the common good.

    At the time of writing, Nomad’s wallet address has received nearly $9.15 million in many cryptocurrencies, including $246,000 in ETH, $3.7 million in USDC, $2 million in USDT, $1.4 million in USD CQT, $1.2 million in USD FRAX, etc. However, this amount is still too small compared to the total damage caused by the attack.

    Nomad said it has traced fund flows and will pursue legal action against those who do not return the money. Nomad also said that they are actively working to fix the vulnerability and will update information as soon as possible. Nomad has suspended its service temporarily after the hack.

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