Series of Fake Worldcoin Created on Twitter Following Launch of WLD - Some fake accounts even have the blue tick, making it more difficult to distinguish between real and fake accounts.

    July 24 marked Twitter rebranding to the letter “X” as well as the launch of Worldcoin token (WLD) – an eyeball-scanning crypto project of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Worldcoin immediately became a new trend of the crypto market, and the target of scammers as well.

    A batch of fake accounts impersonating Worldcoin have been created on Twitter. Even when these fake accounts were suspended, they still organized fake airdrops for users. Some accounts were created just before WLD launched, and they have been posting a lot of tweets since 24/7.

    Furthermore, among hundreds of fake Worldcoin accounts, at least 7 accounts have a Twitter blue tick. This makes it more difficult for users to determine if it is the official account of the Worldcoin project. Worldcoin was launched on Twitter in August 2009 and then received a gold checkmark for a company.

    Worldcoin’s core is World ID, which is described by OpenAI as a digital passport to  prove that the owner is a real person, not an AI bot. The project issues cryptocurrency for people who have scanned the retina through a special device called Orb. Worldcoin has attracted 2 million users since the beta phase. In May 2023, Worldcoin announced to raise $115 million from many large funds, and at the same time launched the World App application. Since WLD token was launched, Worldcoin co-founder Sam Altman revealed that Worldcoin is onboarding 8 users per second through iris scanning.

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