TikTok’s Crypto Craze: Top 15 Hashtags Amassed an Unbelievable 115B Views

    Cryptocurrencies have gone global, spreading across social networks. X is popular among enthusiasts, but other platforms are rising. One of those is TikTok which has become a new hub for crypto content.

    The data and details provided below are sourced from a recent study conducted by CoinGecko.

    TikTok’s Hottest Crypto Hashtags 

    TikTok’s Crypto Community is obsessed with #Crypto. With 4 million posts and a remarkable 30 billion combined views, #Crypto outshines other finance-related hashtags like #Finance, #Investing, #Forex, and #Stocks. Surprisingly, #Trading, despite having 8 million posts, falls short with 25 billion views.

    Although less common, #Cryptocurrency still sees significant usage with 2 million posts and 10 billion views. And don’t miss out on the TikTok-native sensation #Cryptok, which merges ‘crypto’ and ‘TikTok’ and has made its mark in the top 15 with an impressive 2 billion views on 0.32 million posts.

    But the excitement doesn’t stop there! #NFT, #Metaverse, #NFTs, #DeFi, and #Blockchain are all the rage within the TikTok crypto world, amassing billions of views each. While general topics dominate the top 15, other sector-specific hashtags like #Web3 and #PlayToEarn are currently less popular, but still garnering significant attention with 1 billion and 531 million views respectively.

    (Source: CoinGecko)

    Notably, the #Metaverse and #DeFi hashtags stand out with incredibly high ratios of views to posts, indicating a demand surpassing available content. There’s an astonishing 14,164 views for every #Metaverse post and 12,195 views for every #DeFi post on TikTok. In comparison, the other top hashtags average 2,820 to 8,048 views per post. This presents a golden opportunity for crypto marketers of Metaverse and DeFi projects to create captivating TikTok content and make their mark in the crypto world.

    The Trendiest Crypto on TikTok

    Bitcoin dominates TikTok Crypto with 5 million posts and a whopping 28 billion views. It’s the undisputed King, leaving Ethereum in its dust. With a combined 1.81 million posts and 8 billion views for #ETH and #Ethereum, Bitcoin’s supremacy is unmatched.

    Joining the ranks of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ripple secure their spots as the only other crypto assets in the top 15 trending hashtags on TikTok. not only that, but all four are also part of the top 10 coins by market capitalization, proving their strong presence in the crypto world.

    Though #XRP has slightly more posts than #Dogecoin, the meme coin outshines it with a whopping 1 billion more views. 

    Let’s not forget about #Binance, the only non-token branded hashtag making its mark in the top 15 on TikTok crypto. 

    The Countries with the Hottest TikTok Crypto Craze

    RankCountryWeighted Popularity Score
    (Source: CoinGecko)

    Europe dominates TikTok crypto with 14 out of 15 top countries! 10 of them are members of the European Union (EU). This signals a massive opportunity for crypto marketers to tap into the European market, where the demand for trending TikTok crypto hashtags is soaring.

    And there’s a surprise entrant. Morocco, a non-European country, makes its mark as the only non-European nation among the 15 most enthusiastic TikTok crypto countries.

    Top 15 Trending Hashtags on TikTok Crypto

    Here are TikTok crypto’s 15 most popular hashtags, ranked by overall number of views and posts: 

    RankHashtagTotal ViewsTotal Posts
    1#crypto30 billion4.00 million
    2#bitcoin21 billion3.00 million
    3#nft14 billion2.00 million
    4#cryptocurrency10 billion2.00 million
    5#btc7 billion2.00 million
    6#metaverse5 billion0.35 million
    7#eth4 billion0.94 million
    8#ethereum4 billion0.87 million
    9#nfts4 billion0.50 million
    10#defi4 billion0.33 million
    11#binance3 billion0.78 million
    12#dogecoin3 billion0.46 million
    13#blockchain2 billion0.47 million
    14#xrp2 billion0.32 million
    15#cryptok2 billion0.71 million
    (Source: CoinGecko)

    Note: As of August 17, 2023, the study analyzed the number of views and posts for crypto-related hashtags on TikTok, along with their geographical popularity, using TikTok data. According to TikTok’s disclaimer on location data, the index score indicates the top locations globally where a particular term is highly popular. For instance, if the score is 200, the trend is twice as popular in that market compared to its average popularity on TikTok worldwide.

    (Reference: CoinGecko)

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