Titan Trading – Platform for Crypto Newbies - Titan Trading provides easy-to-use smart trading tools and trading bots so that anyone can easily invest in crypto.

    Titan Trading Plat Platform is a revolutionary trading platform that uses algorithms and AI technology to create trading strategies to minimize risks and maximize profits for users.

    Key products

    Grid Bot

    A trading bot places buy/sell orders between a predetermined price range, constructing an automated trading grid. This automation allows crypto traders to benefit and make profits on even small price fluctuations and avoid emotional decisions thereby increasing profitability potential in both bull and bear markets. 

    Bot Feature

    A trading bot that automates the buying and selling of futures contracts. The bot is designed to place orders in the market at preset intervals within a configured price range. Futures grid trading is ideal for volatile and sideways markets when prices fluctuate in a given range. This technique attempts to make profits on small price changes.

    Arbitrage Bot

    A type of automated trading program that uses algorithms to analyze markets and execute trades based on arbitrage opportunities. It is designed to monitor the prices of different markets, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies when there is a profit opportunity. It does this by buying a cryptocurrency on one exchange and then simultaneously selling it on another exchange for a higher price.


    A feature that helps users track the operation status of the entire BOT, transactions and assets. These data include: Total assets on the exchange and BOT, PnL, open orders.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI): Titan’s trading bots are AI-applied to adapt well to all markets and optimize transactions. And of course, its trading bots will work 24/7 to help users not miss any opportunities and reduce the risk of loss.

    Easy-to-use Dashboard: Track assets and open trades in real time

    Trading Model: Titan Trading Platform uses synthetic technical indicators to suggest suitable trading strategies for users, improving the winning rate and minimizing risks. Data is imported directly from Binance with a long-term plan to expand to other exchanges such as OKX, Upbit, Huobi, etc. in order to provide the most accurate and diverse information to users.


    Token metrics

    Token name: Titan Trading Platform Token

    Ticker: TES

    Blockchain: BNB Chain, Sui

    Token contract: Updating

    Token Type: Governance & Utility

    Token Supply: 100,000,000 TES

    Circulating Supply: Updating.


    Ecosystem: 36%

    Founder Team: 20%

    Private Sale: 13%

    Liquidity & Market Maker: 11%

    Marketing: 11%

    Partners & Advisors: 8%

    Public Sale: 1%

    Token use cases

    Discount: Using TES tokens to get 20% off on packages purchased.

    Stake Discount: TES holders are discounted up to 90% when purchasing Bot packages or reduce up to 90% of profit shared in profit sharing.

    Ref Bonus: TES holders get a bonus up to 60% of total referral received.

    DAO Votes: Token holders vote for token events. Holders’ vote weight depends on the number of tokens held and holding days.

    Betting game: Coming soon.

    Marketplace BOT Rent: After the DAO release, a marketplace will be released. There will be 2 kinds of users.

    Investors and partners

    Titan Trading Platform has successfully raised $800,000 through Seed Round lead by Korean giants such as Cheonjo and Hanmi Global.  Titan Trading Platform also established relationships with many projects in the SUI and BNB Chain ecosystems such as Mises Browser, Scallop, DeSui, BeLaunch, etc. and many large and small CEXs such as Binance and OKX.

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