Top 3 Metaverse Cryptos Having Value Below $0.005 to Look for in 2022

    As the crypto market is on a pullback, and many projects are currently down, this is the best time to look for some low-cap coins.

    This list is ordered by price, from lowest to highest.

    1. DeFi Degen Land (DDL) – $0.00002431

    • Market Cap: $3.6 million
    • 24-hour Trading Volume: $808k

    DeFi Degen Land is a multi-chain Metaverse crypto coin with BTC reflections supporting BSC and the Cronos blockchains.

    The main product that DDL offers to its holders is the metaverse, which basically joins in a virtual environment where people can socialize, play games and even earn rewards in crypto-asset form. From another perspective, one can state that the metaverse helps perfectly incorporate both the gamification and DeFi of DDL together.

    Users are required to log in using their wallets (Metamask, WalletConnect, or Torus) to enter the DeFi Degen Land. 


    2. Moon Rabbit (AAA) – $0.0001436

    • Market Cap: $1.2 million
    • 24-hour Trading Volume: $135k

    Moon Rabbit is a distributed crypto-conglomerate that constitutes a system of systems. This chain has unique networks and blockchains called Jurisdictions, which are autonomous distributed networks capable of producing digital assets and commodities. Jurisdictions may issue their assets and protocols optimized for specific use cases.

    Moon Rabbit built Layer0 and Layer1 infrastructure on top of the substrate to allow any project in the world to launch their own Jurisdiction (blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT, eSports, or anything else). The platform aims to become the most vibrant cryptocurrency ecosystem.


    3. Aircoins (AIRX) – $0.0001218

    • Market Cap: $2.4 million
    • 24-hour Trading Volume: $35k

    Aircoins describes itself as an augmented reality app, crypto game, and marketing app for both Android and iOS. Users can search and collect crypto coins in an interactive AR environment based on geolocation similar to that of Pokemon Go. The Aircoins team currently has partnered with over 25 other crypto projects, gaining 27,000 active users with over 13 million coins collected in the platform.


    (Reference: thevrsoldier)

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