unshETH (USH) – Outstanding LSDFi Project That Maximizes Profits for Users - unshETH is Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) platform that allows users to staking ETH and LSD tokens for profit.

    What is unshETH?

    unshETH is a Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) platform developed on Ethereum that allows users to staking ETH and LSD tokens for profit. Built to be an aggregator, unshETH provides users with the ability to access and optimize profits from LSD tokens on Ethereum.

    Features of unshETH

    Deposit and Withdraw

    unshETH allows users to deposit ETH and LSD tokens from other LSD platforms such as: Lido (wstETH), Ankr (ankrETH), Rocket Pool (rETH), etc. to receive unshETH. Users can also withdraw unshETH to LSD tokens at any time.

    unshETH is an ERC-20 token standard that serves as an index representing a basket of different LSD tokens supported by the platform such as sfrxETH, rETH, wstETH, and more.

    unshETH is designed based on Curve’s 3pool model, creating a peer-to-peer LP with deep liquidity that reduces the cost of the need to exchange between 2 LSDs of tokens, something that currently needs to be done by liquidity pools on AMM through an intermediary asset, ETH.


    This feature uses the vdAMM (Validator Decentralization Automated Market Maker) model that allows users to swap LSD tokens to optimize transaction fees and limit slippage.


    vdUSH (Validator Decentralization USH) is the token users receive after staking USH. Users who own vsUSH can participate in voting on unshETH development proposals and receive a share of the platform’s revenue.

    User can earn vdUSH by locking USH/ETH Sushi LP, USH/unshETH 80/20 BPT or USH. Minimum lock time is one month and maximum is 1 year.

    The conversion of USH to vdUSH is determined by the following rules:

    • 1 vdUSH is equal to 1 1-year locked USH.
    • Locking 80-20 BPT gets you a 2.5x boost on the USH amount.
    • Locking USH/ETH Sushi LP gets you a 3.5x boost on the USH amount


    Users stake LSD tokens to earn more profit. Depending on the type of token users staking, the reward mechanism will also be different, including:

    • USH Farm Rewards
    • ETH Staking (Rewards from staking ETH on the platform)
    • Swap Fees
    • Deposit Fees
    • Redemption Fees
    • Partner Farm Rewards (rewards from other LSD platform)


    This is a place to aggregate information about Farming going on on unshETH and supporting platforms for farming unshETH, USH such as PancakeSwap V3, Maverick Protocol, Balancer, Camelot, etc.


    Show users’ asset balances so that users can manage their asset portfolios while effectively controlling their activities and positions on unshETH.


    Omnichain bridge built on LayerZero’s infrastructure that allows the conversion of unshETH, USH between 3 blockchains Ethereum, BNB Chain and Arbitrum quickly.


    Gather the community’s suggestions and proposals related to the governance and operation of the project.


    • Token name: unshETHing_Token
    • Token: USH
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20
    • Contract

    Ethereum: 0xe60779cc1b2c1d0580611c526a8df0e3f870ec48

    BNB Chain: 0x91d6d6aF7635B7b23A8CED950817965180e2362

    Arbitrum: 0x51a80238b5738725128d3a3e06ab41c1d4c05c74

    • Total supply: 143,500,000 USH

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