Wallacy Wallet and OMG Central Forge an Exciting New Partnership - Wallacy Wallet and OMG Central have officially formed a partnership agreement, paving the way for numerous growth prospects and new opportunities for both sides.

    Wallacy, a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that gained significant attention from the crypto community recently, has joined forces with the famous gaming community – OMG Central. This handshake signifies a pivotal moment for both sides, as together, they embark on a journey of exploration, growth, and innovation in the crypto space.

    OMG Central is known as a gateway to the world of Web3 Gaming and Gamefi profits, where provides a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and strategies for profitable gaming ventures. On the Wallacy side, this wallet integrates thrilling hyper-casual games, which is supposed to be a promising entertainment playground for users in general and OMG community in particular. 

    Being an all-in-one wallet, Wallacy Wallet not only offers a secure management of crypto assets; but also delivers seamless and enjoyable experiences to its users. Meanwhile, OMG Central boasts a large and vibrant gaming community. As a result, this collaboration offers Wallacy the opportunity to approach and convert OMG Central’s community with thousands of users. 

    As we step into August, Wallacy and OMG Central are excited to line up for you with amazing events and opportunities. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates as they will unleash the full potential of this partnership!

    About Wallacy

    Wallacy is a hybrid and gamified crypto wallet that not only offers secure management of crypto assets but also delivers easy and enjoyable experiences to help users explore the potential of the crypto world.

    About OMG Central

    OMG CENTRAL – Your Gateway to the World of Web3 Gaming and Gamefi Profit! Delve into a treasure trove of knowledge, experiences, and money-making strategies in the gaming market.

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