What Is – Competitor - Built on Arbitrum, is known as the combination of Twitter and

    The decentralized social media platform has recently attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community with the “Keys” feature. It allows users to link Twitter accounts, then transfer ETH from Ethereum to Base in order to buy and sell “Keys” – previously known as “Shares”.

    However, is only a mobile app, not yet supported on PC, where there are many veteran crypto investors. was born to solve the above disadvantage, and provides some features, which make it friendly to new users.’s key features:

    • Buy and sell profile post: By creating high-quality and engaging content, users can earn not only points, but also ETH. The more active you are, the more ETH rewards and points you receive.
    • 5% fees earned to share owners
    • 5% fees earned to share holders

    While is rewarding users who interact with the app with points – which speculators hope could lead to an airdrop, is handing out lump sums of cash, distributed proportionally by activity on both and Twitter X. At the time of writing, It is handing out $100,000 for activity between September 7 and September 22.

    Another advantage is that is built on Arbitrum, this platform is said to have many outstanding advantages compared to’s Base:

    • Lower transaction fees
    • Better ecosystem scalability, limited network congestion and fast transaction execution
    • Better security
    • With Arbitrum’s decentralized nature, empowers users further, promoting the building of an open and decentralized web3 community
    • The Arbitrum environment is more developer-friendly, thereby maximizing creativity and growth on

    Although post-tech offers many more attractive features than, according to some investors, still has many doubts, including the anonymous team behind the project, potential rug-pull, etc.

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