Which Are the Best Airdrops in January 2022 to Participate In?

    To start a profitable year, and also a profitable month, here are the best Airdrops to look out for in January 2022!

    1. GamerCoin (GHX)

    Date: Dec 21st, 2021 – Jan 11th, 2022

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    GamerCoin is created to help the masses easily access blockchain products. The project aims at integrating the gaming ecosystem into crypto mining. It combines all the best elements of a blockchain universe: mining, gaming, and earning attractive rewards. 

    GamerCoin has currently shown a presence in more than 125 countries.

    More info on the project can be found HERE!

    2. AXL INU (AXL)

    Date: Dec 21st, 2021 –  Jan 12th, 2022

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    AXL INU is a wide-open, user-friendly, and decentralized marketplace with millions of trading volumes in a single year. This network allows users to adopt NFTs and bring in assets to the NFT mining pool. By AXL INU, users can now access some of the best crypto products, including yield farming, IDOs, NFTs, decentralized loans, and borrowing. 

    More info on the project can be found HERE!

    3. Sologenic (SOLO)

    Date: Dec 21st, 2021 – Jan 15, 2022

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    Sologenic (SOLO) utilizes user-friendly tokenization mechanics to tokenize a wide range of financial markets and privately-owned assets. Its one-of-a-kind token brokerage solution will help financial institutions step closer to the blockchain ecosystem. 

    Being backed up by a team of thirty experts, blockchain advocates, and other professionals, we all can’t wait to see Sologenic exploding in the crypto market.

    More info on the project can be found HERE!

    4. JOJO 

    Date: Jan 1st, 2022 – Jan 15th, 2022

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    Begin with Dogecoin, meme coins emerged as the winners in 2021. Following that trend, JOJO is also expected bring a bigger party to 2022. This is an amazing project that’s bringing the appeal of meme coins to the real world by combining the best of NFTs, Gaming finance, and SmartToy.

    More info on the project can be found HERE!

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