ZetaChain – Project Connects Blockchains Without Compromising on Security - ZetaChain emerges as an alternative to bridges with many security flaws.

    Bridges play an important role for the connection between different blockchains. However, bridges with a lot of vulnerabilities have been the target of many hackers. ZetaChain is emerging as an alternative of these bridges that can connect many other blockchains without compromising on security.

    What is ZetaChain?

    ZetaChain is a decentralized blockchain network built on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Consensus. While many cross-chain solutions like bridges are often exploited for security vulnerabilities, ZetaChain provides a fully public, transparent, decentralized interoperability solution that supports both omnichain messaging and smart contracts. ZetaChain seems to offer outstanding features that bridges don’t have.

    Project highlights


    Many projects aim to increase reliability but reliability does not mean transparency. ZetaChain is fully transparent, verifiable, and functions in a trust-minimized manner.

    Decentralized and public

    ZetaChain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, ensuring transparency and verifiability for all transactions, even between different blockchains.

    Hyper-connected nodes 

    ZetaChain’s nodes have observers that monitor transactions on every connected chain. Through ZetaChain’s TSS architecture, these hyper-connected nodes provide a seamless omnichain environment for developers to build novel and powerful cross-chain applications on top of.

    Cross-chain message (CCM)

    Users can pass messages between chains and layers with simple function calls. Through message passing, a dApp developer can build powerful cross-chain applications by simply implementing a few functions within their existing smart contracts.

    Omnichain smart contracts

    Smart contracts can be deployed natively on ZetaChain that can read/write to connected chains. ZetaChain is the only public blockchain to support smart contracts with this capability, enabling a new paradigm of app development.

    Asset Management

    The ZetaChain network and dApps built on top of ZetaChain can manage assets and vaults of external connected chains. This means that ZetaChain allows managing assets on any chain.

    High speed transaction

    ZetaChain is built on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus mechanism so it enjoys fast block time (~5s) and instant finality (no confirmation needed, no re-organization allowed). According to developers, the transaction throughput on ZetaChain is likely to reach 100 TPS in the future.

    Backers and partners

    The project has raised $27M in the last funding round on August 16 from 12 different investment funds, including, CMT Digital, GSR, etc. ZetaChain has also partnered with many big names like Galxe, Symbiosis, CyberConnect, or Ankr.

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