3.7 Million SHIB Got Burn in Past Day

    3.7 million SHIB have been permanently removed from circulation in the last 24 hours

    Almost 4 million SHIBs destroyed

    According to a recent tweet from the @shibburn account, which every day releases statistics on transactions that shift huge sums of SHIB to a null address, the SHIB army has cremated a total of 3,765,784 Shiba Inu tokens.

    3.7 million people were killed in the fire. Shiba Inu only transferred two blockchain transactions to the dead wallet. From the original supply of a stunning quadrillion tokens, a total of 410,300,763,616,057 SHIB has been burnt, accounting for little more than 41% of it.

    Etherscan reveals that a substantially higher sum (added to the 3.7 million tokens) of SHIB has been sent to the unspendable wallet in the last four days and nine hours, totaling 116 million meme tokens.

    India’s most recent SHIB listings

    SHIB announced on December 11 that it has been listed on major Indian and Mexican stock markets. Giottus, a famous local trade site in India, has introduced Shiba Inu support. Floki Inu, a little less popular canine cryptocurrency, was launched on the same platform in December (FLOKI).

    Other Indian exchanges, like ZebPay, UnoCoin, and CoinDCX, have already listed SHIB in late 2021.

    Besides that, Ripple’s key ODL partner has listed SHIB. On Jan. 11, word got out that Mexico’s Bitso, the largest Latin American exchange that evolved into a crypto unicorn last year, had added SHIB to its trading list.

    Bitso is a main ODL corridor for tech company Ripple, in addition to being the largest exchange in the region. Bitso uses XRP to move Mexican pesos overseas and extends ODL technology throughout Latin America. Ripple made an undisclosed investment in Bitso in 2019.

    SHIB begins to rebound after major decline

    At the time of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.0000285, up more than 5% after reversing its gains from October 2021 earlier this month. Dogecoin, the most popular parody cryptocurrency, grew at a similar rate earlier today.

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