BTCUSD – Strong Supports Of $40.000 And $45.000 Are The Last Chance for Buyer - A prediction by an analyst named MMBTtrader on TrandingView web. Let's see what he said.

    We can see price has two strong support zone here in this bearish market, the first one is the $45.000-$46.000 support zone that is also mentioned on the chart and the second one is the $40.000 support zone.

    Cre: MMBTtrader (TrandingView)

    If these supports break sell pressure will lead and the market can dump easily but if they remain valid we can expect more range and rise here like green arrows on the chart.

    Most likely we will have another movement at $40.000. Look at the forecast. Fractal movement is possible.

    Cre: Wunderbit (TradingView)

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    DISCLAIMER: The article is not calling for investment. Every decision is yours to decide.

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