“Burn to Earn” CALO App to List on CoinMarketCap

    CALO token will be listed on CoinmarketCap with the ticket number request #348539.

    CALO is one of the 2022 most awaited projects. The listing new on CoinMarketCap will help anyone interested in CALO easily access information on the project and its token. Moreover, appearance on CoinMarketCap will also raise awareness of the CALO coin and its potentials to invest, thereby increasing participation in the CALO community.

    CALO announced upcoming listing on CoinMarketCap


    • The ticket number request of CALO on CoinMarketCap: #348539. 
    • To avoid Scam, please note down official contract address for CALO tokens: 0xb6b91269413b6B99242B1c0Bc611031529999999

    About CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets around the world, including a variety of real-time data of market capitalization, trading volume, and the listed exchanges for each token. With price charts easy to find and explore, standing firmly for accurate, timely, and unbiased information, CoinMarketCap is typically the first stop for investors looking for information on their favorite tokens, making the site an important hub for new token listings. 

    About CALO app

    With the slogan “Burn to Earn”, CALO brings a whole new way to approach doing exercise. With this app, you earn not only better health, a more positive spirit, but also attractive income from tokens and NFT rewards by sweating on activities. 

    CALO hopes to revolutionize the field of fitness and sports, giving users an one of a kind entertainment experience to make profit while working out. 

    For detailed information on CALO, check out our post HERE

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