Crypto Market Analyst – Last Week of September Is Best Time to Buy Bitcoin - According to famous crypto market analyst CryptoBirb, the end of September will be the best time to buy Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin today is trading at $26,332, up 0.75% over the past 24 hours. Its market cap reached $513 billion, up 0.33%; meanwhile, 24-hour trading volume surged 68,57%, reaching $12 billion.

    Source: CoinMarketCap

    Many investors worried about the rather dismal price action of Bitcoin (BTC) in September, some even left the market. However, according to some experts, it may be the best time to refocus on the crypto market, especially Bitcoin.

    Popular crypto market analyst CryptoBirb has given a brief analysis of Bitcoin return that the world’s largest cryptocurrency generated in the following months in previous years. He thinks September, which is considered the month generating the least profits in history, will be the best opportunity to return to the market. Statistics reported that October and November are two months generating the most profits.

    So, CryptoBirb believes September is an extremely good opportunity to buy Bitcoin. However, the analyst also acknowledges that this thesis does not guarantee the opportunity to buy at a low price. The thesis is based entirely on statistical data and says nothing about future price action.

    History always repeats itself, especially in a cyclical market like crypto. Therefore, looking at the statistics of the next two months – October and November – CryptoBirb does not hesitate to point out that the best time to buy Bitcoin is the end of September.

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