DeFiHorse Allocates $5000 Private Sale for Community

    Here’s your chance to earn the exclusive slot to own DFH, take it now!

    As a community-driven project, DeFiHorse always feels grateful for being supported by passionate community members. In return for amazing love and support of all racers around the world, DeFiHorse introduced “Be DeFiHorse’s KOLs Race” event, in which DeFiHorse’s CEO will give his $5000 private round allocation to the community as a big “Thank You”.

    50 WINNERS will earn the never-seen-before chance to earn the exclusive slot to own DFH, in which:

    • 10 winners with the highest referral on Gleam (with a minimum of 50 refs required for each winner), each gets a purchase of $200/slot.
    • 40 other winners chosen randomly, each gets a purchase of $75/slot.

    TGE/Vesting Terms: included in DeFiHorse’s Lite paper



    How to #BeDeFiHorseKOLs: Access this GLEAM LINK ( and follow the instructions. 

    Time: 15/12/2021 (12 PM UTC) – 20/12/2021 (12 PM UTC)


    Alongside the opening event “Be DeFiHorse’s KOLs”, to add more fuel to the excitement, once again, DeFiHorse also launches a super exciting event called “AMAZING RACE” with a reward pool of 1.550$ for our racers!

    Each day, in DeFiHorse Global’s Telegram group there will be a series of minigames which are super easy for you to play. And the players with the highest score of each day will win the daily rewards. On the last day of the event, the reward will be doubled! They also give away prizes to the top referral in a total of 4 days of the event!

    Time: 16/12/2021, 2 PM UTC – 2 PM 20/12/2021 UTC

    Are you ready to race? Let’s get started now!

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