Dusk (DUSK) – Privacy-oriented Blockchain Platform for Financial Apps - Dusk is a privacy-oriented layer-1 blockchain that ensures security and anonymity of user data.

    What is Dusk?

    Dusk is a privacy-oriented layer 1 blockchain that offers services related to security and privacy, allowing companies and businesses to issue security tokens in compliance with the law.

    Dusk uses Zero-knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology to ensure the privacy and anonymity of users’ data, including transaction addresses, transaction assets, balances and transaction history. Dusk also provides the infrastructure that allows developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with high transaction speed, good scalability, and high security.

    Dusk’s technologies

    Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP): Dusk uses ZKP technology to reduce storage capacity but still ensure the authenticity and correctness of data. It also helps to improve transaction speed and optimize network gas fees.

    Confidential Security Contract Standard (XSC): A standard for creating and issuing security tokens, allowing traditional financial assets to be traded and stored on-chain. XSC-compliant tokens can only be transferred to wallet addresses whose identity verification data meets the required regulations.

    Succinct Attestation (SA): Dusk is powered by the Succinct Attestation (SA) agreement. SA is a novel consensus algorithm designed by Dusk to create a Proof-of-Stake-based, decentralized and permissionless blockchain network. SA achieves instant settlement finality, meaning that transactions settled on the network are irrevocable and final.

    Developers, companies and users can use the Dusk blockchain to:

    • Create confidential smart contracts: Dusk ensures the safety and security of users’ transactions.
    • Create security tokens: Tokens are issued based on XSC standards to ensure the legality and ownership of token holders.
    • Create Zero-Knowledge utility tokens: Businesses or organizations can create and trade these tokens anonymously, and use them for purposes such as fundraising, tokenizing ownership, and more.
    • Support for security token exchanges: Security exchanges can use Dusk’s technology to support trading of security tokens, reducing fees and improving transaction speed, ensuring security for users.
    • Creating a digital shareholder book: By using blockchain technologies, all shareholder-related activities can be performed automatically, such as updating shareholder information, paying dividends, etc.

    Dusk’s highlights

    Security token offering: Dusk is a pioneer in the development of STO (Security Token Offering) and on-chain security token trading with high scalability, permissionless, privacy and legal compliance.

    High transaction speed: Succinct Attestation (SA) algorithm allows the Dusk network to process and complete transactions in under 10 seconds, while ensuring that these transactions cannot be modified or reversed.

    Security: Dusk ensures the privacy and security of users’ data with Zero-knowledge Proof technology.

    Decentralization: Dusk incentivizes DUSK holders to participate in the consensus mechanism and become validators, and allows developers to build dApps without permission.

    DUSK Token

    Key metric

    • Token name: Dusk
    • Ticker: DUSK
    • Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20
    • Blockchain: Ethereum, BNB Chain
    • Token contract:

    Ethereum: 0x940a2db1b7008b6c776d4faaca729d6d4a4aa551

    BNB Chain: 0xb2bd0749dbe21f623d9baba856d3b0f0e1bfec9c

    • Token Type: Utility, Governance
    • Token Supply: 500,000,000 DUSK
    • Token Circulating Supply: 421,164,409.32 DUSK


    • Token Sale: 50.0% or 250,000,000 DUSK
    • Development: 18.1% or 90,500,000 DUSK
    • Exchange: 11.8% or 59,000,000 DUSK
    • Marketing: 7.3% or 36,500,000 DUSK
    • Team: 6.4% or 32,000,000 DUSK
    • Advisors: 6.4% or 32,000,000 DUSK

    Use cases

    • DUSK is the native token of the ecosystem, which is used to pay for services on the network, such as deploying smart contracts, creating security tokens, etc.
    • Pay gas fees in the Dusk network.
    • Used to swap XSC-standard security tokens.
    • Used to stake and participate in the consensus mechanism.
    • Vote on Dusk development decisions and projects that use XSC to generate tokens.
    • Used to deploy more dApps on the ecosystem.

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