Leading Crypto Investment Firm Accumulating This Altcoin - Amber Group, one of the leading investment groups in the crypto sector is accumulating ANT (Aragon).

    On-chain data shows that Amber Group has accumulated a total of 734,651 Aragon (ANT) from Binance and FalconX exchanges at an average price of $4.44. The firm has invested approximately $3.26 through 3 different addresses from August 26 to now.

    The last transaction was made on September 30, in which Amber Group purchased an additional from Binance at a price of $5.08 per token. This transaction is estimated to be worth approximately $227,000.

    Over the past month, ANT price has increased by 25% from $4.05 to $5.03. This surge has brought Amber Group a profit of approximately $450,000, with an estimated return on investment of 13.5%. Amber Group now is currently still holding all ANT that they have accumulated.

    Amber Group is a market-leading investment company and cryptocurrency trading and lending platform. They initially planned to raise $100 million at a $3 billion valuation in a Series B round; however, this plan was canceled after the company suffered losses from the bankruptcy of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX exchange.

    With the huge impact from the crisis caused by FTX, Michael Wu, co-Founder and CEO of Amber Group, had to make efforts to raise $300 million, mainly to compensate customers who lost money on products provided by the company.

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