Otherdeeds – Key to Claiming Land in Otherside - Otherdeed is the key to bring users to Otherside Metaverse through Otherside game.

    Otherdeds is a collection of dynamic NFTs that consists of 10,000 parcels of land built on Ethereum. Each parcel is a combination of many elements like properties, resources, nature, etc.

    Otherdeeds is the key to bring users to Otherside Metaverse and it offers users the chance to experience the beta version of Otherside. Owning a Otherdeed NFT allows users to receive a corresponding piece of land when Otherside Metaverse officially launches in the future.

    Otherdeed NFT Traits

    Each Otherdeed NFT has up to 4 properties that can be collected and used in Otherside:

    • Sediment: There are five sediment types that each land is built upon. Each is assigned a tier. The tiers include Biogenic Swamp (tier 5), Chemical Goo (tier 4), Rainbow Atmos (tier 3), Cosmic Dream (tier 2), and Infinite Expanse (tier 1).
    • Environment: 8 different types including: Decay, Harsh, Volcanic, rtc.
    • Resource: 4 different types including: Anima, Ore, Shard and Root.
    • Artifacts: 74 different types including: Ancient Coin, Banana Peel, Rugged Ax, etc.

    Otherdeed NFT Highlights

    • Otherdeed holders can access the Otherside game and become Voyagers (travelers) to explore the land in Otherside Metaverse.
    • Otherdeed NFTs are dynamic NFTs so they change as users interact in Otherside. 
    • Otherdeed holders can participate in testing, experience beta versions of Otherside to contribute and vote on the game’s final design.
    • Unlike BAYC holders, Otherdeed holders only have the right to use NFT for personal purposes without commercial ownership.

    Otherdeed metrics

    Collection name: Otherdeed for Otherside

    NFT classification: NFT Gaming

    Blockchain: Ethereum

    Token Standard: ERC-721

    NFT Contract: 0x34d85c9CDeB23FA97cb08333b511ac86E1C4E258

    Total supply: 100,000

    Royalty Fee: 5%


    • BAYC Holders: 10% (10,000 Biogenic Swamp)
    • MAYC Holders: 20% (20,000 Chemical Goo)
    • Development team and partners: 15% (15,000 Infinite Expanse, Cosmic Dreams and Rainbow Atmos)
    • Public Sale: 55% (55,000 Infinite Expanse, Cosmic Dreams and Rainbow Atmos)

    Otherdeed utilities

    • Users use Otherdeed to access exclusive offers and Otherside  including playing beta versions and earning rewards.
    • Otherdeed holders own a corresponding plot of land in the Otherside when the product is officially launched.

    Development team

    Yuga Labs: The team behind the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) collections.

    Improbable: A multinational technology company based in the UK with the goal of developing virtual reality applications and Metaverse infrastructure.

    Animoca Brands: A game company and a well-known technology investment fund in the crypto market.


    Otherdeed has no official investors in the funding rounds. However, Yuga Labs – the parent company of Otherdeed and BAYC has successfully raised $ 450 million in a seed round led by a16z. Other investment funds participating in this round of funding include Animoca Brands, Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, and more.


    Otherdeed’s main partners are Improbable and Animoca Brands who co-built this NFT collection with Yuga Labs.

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