The Parallel – Potential Metaverse Project Developed by Vietnamese People

    The Parallel is expected to become a huge explosion in the industry of NFT games.

    The Metaverse is seen as a significant turning point, the next phase of the Internet. It is defined as an open world, in which we may live, construct, and grow it as we see fit. The wave of metaverse is a promised land where people may experience life, art, gaming, and a variety of other exciting features. Vietnamese developers, following the global trend, have jumped into the Metaverse age with a promising project named The Parallel.

    1.  What is The Parallel?

    The Parallel is a metaverse project where players have limitless possibilities to create anything. In this game, players are the designers of their own world and can come together to play, create, connect and earn money without going through any central control system.

    2. Development team

    The Parallel is developed by an experienced team who have many years of working in the field of technology, game development and blockchain. The Parallel also owns a team of advisors including many famous investors such as “angel” investor Santiago Roel Santos, Mr. Hung Dinh – founder of RADA, JoomlArt, DesignBold and VIC Partners.

    3. Roadmap

    The Parallel has a very clear roadmap for users and it is expected to launch in Q4/2021.

    4. The Parallel Token:

    There are 2 main tokens used in this game: Parallel (PRL) token and Power Stone (PS) token.

    PRL token

    Ticket: PRL

    Total supply: token

    PRL token is the main currency of The Parallel, which is used for Staking, Farming and minting NFT Paragon, Land and Item. PRL token is used as payment fee or payment unit on the marketplace as well as gifts for participants in special events.

    PR token

    Ticket: PR

    Total supply: Unlimited

    PR token is an in-game token used for activities and purposes in the game. You can use PR tokens to give rewards for in-game activities, craft/uncraft NFT or mint NFTs Paragon, Land or Item.

    5. The mechanism of making money in The Parallel

    When joining The Parallel, players can earn money in a variety of ways, which include Play to Earn (As a Player), Create to Earn (As a Creator), Lease to Earn, Farming, Staking and Trading.

    6. The development potential of The Parallel

    – Have a clear roadmap and development strategy.

    – Be developed by an experienced team and invested by many large and reputable funds, especially with Kyber Network, Rada, Coincu, Coin68 Venture, Box Studio.

    – The Metaverse trend is extremely active in the world with the participation of many leading companies such as Facebook or Bloomberg.

    The Parallel is an extremely potential and promising but also challenging project of the Vietnamese development team. You can find more information about the project at:



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